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chesterfield, missouri, United States


Member since December 18, 2007

  • i agree! "The Universe is wrapped in word(s)". adas brehann.

    Arts & Culture


    Fun Language Formula of, C², ‘The Mother Language of Consciousness’:

    What i say, becomes! What i see, beckons, to ME! All i saw, humanity knows, be, co. ME's, or makes coMpEting-comMpaniEs 'of' us rather than be coMpassionatE 'with' us!

    Fun Question?: If I am knot what I used to be, does that mean that words which i have used in the past, can possibly speak of ME in the present, or limit me from discovering MorE of the unknown, within ME, a piece of humanity...?

    Fun Answer?: See below UNESCO donation poster; share your thinks...thanks with ME! ~ ~

    ~Comment, Vote, Open-Your-Insight-Source (OYIS~oh yes!) and open source your inside...this is our planet...sow, be and reap! Mother-Earth is Speaking-Our-United-Language (ME i SOUL)! Do we respond, ignorantly, unknowingly, without understanding...why? Am i...Media? Are you a Mother Language Keeper...?

    i am ME dia! = i am my day, i am what i say, i am all i know and do and do not, whether, of the unknown, or the knot which I practice before, i walk? Uh, Hem? Ok…wow! Yet...why? ~ ~

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inione4earth, you & i together as one for earth - MOVING WEBSITE TO THE FUTURE

LEO - Low Earth Orbit - by teamLEOnardo

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
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