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chesterfield, missouri, United States


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i reap-eat, sow wheel sea soon enough!

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What's Your Vision of the Future?

Environment, Audio/Visual Design

Posted February 10, 2010
By Jennifer Leonard

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teamLEOnardo [1st initiative of inione4earth] is a planet-wide project created to invite "The Beginning of the End of Poverty" while looking from high above where no border can ever be seen to exist. It began with the first memory of humanity which realized it had company in the skies, apart from itself. We first picked up the baton, way way back in the back yard brain storm shed day of Master Leonardo da Vinci. After years of patient planetary-paced-observation & intricate seasonal-generational-dialogue & exchange of discoveries, our group & current family members have happily accepted the responsibility of unleashing this research, in order to bring humanity forward, 500 years, as if the intellect had been passed on un-oppressed, & works not lost &/or hidden from all of us (All Love Us). Our human powered helicopter, LEO - Low Earth Orbit, has been named in Master da Vinci's honor. We've inherited his dream...our hope is to make it come true. Thanks in part to your support... the time tested hope that 'all of us' can hover above our common circumstances, & descend again to heal ourselves, is our living reality. We realized long ago, that we all live 'in' a planet where perspective is king, the wind, sea, Sun & land is queen. "i am the dream, the dreamer & the dreamed & remembered". teamLEOnardo.

inione4earth, you & i together as one for earth - MOVING WEBSITE TO THE FUTURE

LEO - Low Earth Orbit - by teamLEOnardo

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