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Gonzalo Lizarralde

Montreal, QC, Canada


Member since December 17, 2007

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    The IF Research Group (grif), in collaboration with i-Rec and the CIB, organizes a

    Conference-workshop about procurement of construction projects in the international context.

    The conference will be held at the Université de Montréal, Canada, in October 23, 24 and 25 2008.

    All the information about the conference at: grif

    The conference hinges on a set of workshops, group meetings and keynote presentations around three main themes:

    Theme 1: Public initiatives: public tendering, ensuring accountability, obtaining value-for-money etc. Theme 2: Private initiatives: international competitions, international bidding, public-private partnerships etc. Theme 3: Humanitarian aid and international development: construction for development in poor communities, reconstruction after disasters etc.

    The conference brings together:

    CIBW92 on Procurement of construction projects CIBW107 on Construction in developing countries CIB TG63 on Disasters and the built environment The i-Rec network on post-disaster reconstruction.

    The conference-workshop addresses – among others - the following issues:

    How to procure a building project abroad? How do architects participate in international construction? What are the main risks of international procurement? What are the main risks of working abroad? Is it possible to implement procurement internationally? Is there such a thing as a real international supply chain?

    The conference is intended for both academics and practitioner...

Architecture and project management

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