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Michael Easler

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Member since December 04, 2007

I am a student at the University of Minnesota studying to be a Landscape Architect. I spent three years at Caltech striving to become an environmental scientist, and one day realized that nobody was fixing the problems they were studying, so i decided a change was in order.

While at Caltech I did some research on the sedimentation processes of the Delta of Lake Powell, Specifically I looked to see if a.) there was a correlation between particle size and trace metal concentrations, b.) if there was a physical sorting of the particles as they were deposited in the delta, which could concentrate these metals, and c.) if the drought conditions of the time was resuspending these metals in high concentrations.

a.) previously proven b.) yearly flow variation of the Colorado River kept particles from sorting too extensively c) nope.

Way back in High school I built one man electic cars to race, in a program called PowerDrive in Nebraska. very fun, and totally worth it. Four high schoolers could get a homemade vehicle to go 35 miles an hour for an hour on car batteries. It was a rush to drive one, only 23 inches off the ground.

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Posted June 05, 2007
By Joseph Lulis

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Intelligent Mobility International (IMI)- a non profit that came from a class I took at Caltech. Our team won the competition and two members made it into a business. IMI builds wheelchairs from bicycles for disabled people n third world countries to use. Instead of being a charity, the company hires disabled people to build these chairs in-country. A hand up and not a handout is the idea. I'm still involved creating marketing documents for investors and advertising.

"If the people who make the decisions are the people who bear the consequences, perhaps better designs will result."

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