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Piggy Kahh

New Zealand

Member since August 07, 2013

  • TANA GOLDFIELDS Articles 10 Tips How to Avoid Gold Investment Scams

    Before you invest a single hard earned penny, please read our tips on how to avoid common precious metals scams.

    1. Research Each Company Thoroughly

    Many of the common gold investment scams which are found today involve companies which are relatively new, and were started simply because of the high price and demand of precious metals today.

    1. Check with Your Local Better Business Bureau (BBB)

    If you are dealing with a local broker or company, check with your Better Business Bureau for any complaints or legal action taken against the company. If you are planning a gold investment in India then this step is not effective, and other methods of research may be needed.

    1. Check the Online Gold Investment Forums

    If you want to avoid gold investment scams, some of the best places to research potential companies and investments are the online forums about investing in gold and other precious metals. Many forums have posts concerning companies that are scams, so you can avoid them.

    1. Never Travel Out Of the United States to Purchase Bullion

    When you are considering all of your gold options, never travel outside of the United States with large amounts of money to purchase bullion. Some scams lure investors to foreign countries, where the investor may be robbed or even killed.

    1. Use the Internet with Common Sense

    Online offers for gold investment can be legitimate or they can involve scams. Use common sense and...

TANA GOLDFIELDS Articles 10 Tips How to Avoid Gold Investment Scams

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