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  • Westhill Property Consulting Home Management Guaranteed Rent Program

    Community, Industrial Design


    Westhill Property Consulting Home Management Guaranteed Rent Program


    We have a solution!

    Our Guaranteed Rent Program will allow you to purchase your dream home now! Take advantage of our buyers market and all time low interest rates. Invest in your new home now and don’t worry about selling until home prices increase.

    Westhill Homes has partnered with Keystone RE/MAX and Zaran Sayre & Associates to offer this unique opportunity. Purchase your dream home without loosing valuable equity in your current house. Here’s how the program works!

    How it works -Purchase your new home Pick any new home through our partner Keystone RE/MAX. New construction homes will get additional benefits including closing costs credits. -Guaranteed rent for 3 years! -What happens after 3 years? -Free Consultation

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