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Heidi Cies

Denver, co, United States

Member since December 01, 2007

  • In response to Real World Education, posted by Sarah Lidgus,
    in the thread

    I am a graduate student working on a Master's degree in advertising/design through Syracuse University. The subject of my thesis concerns including social responsibility and pro bono education in the advertising/design curriculum.

    While it appears many colleges and universities recognize the value of educating students about social responsibility, it’s not known just how many advertising/design students get to participate in projects where their powerful communication skills can be used to create social change.

    Very few resources exist about implementing the socially responsible syllabus (e.g. pro bono work, PSAs, protest and propaganda advertising, etc.) into college-level advertising/design curricula, and there are few case studies highlighting successful programs. Consequently, I am conducting a national research study on this topic and respectfully request your assistance.

    If you are an educator or administrator of an advertising / design program, a student or recent graduate of an advertising / design program, an advertising / design professional, or a representative of a nonprofit organization, you can contribute to this important study by visiting, and completing a brief questionnaire.

    My goal is to answer the question posed above: "Are design schools on the whole preparing students to be responsible designers." I have been able to obtain some amazing research from a number of schools to date, and will continue to pos...