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Alafuro Sikoki

Lagos, Nigeria

Designer (Product Design)

Member since December 01, 2007

  • Design_for_a_living_world_thumb_132_

    The Nature Conservancy and the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum will present "Design for a Living World," a travelling exhibition featuring objects created by leading designers and made from sustainable, natural materials. The exhibition will premiere at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum on May 14 and continue through Jan. 4, 2010.

    The designers are Yves Behar, Stephen Burks, Hella Jongerius, Maya Lin, Christien Meindertsma, Isaac Mizrahi, Abbott Miller, Ted Muehling, Kate Spade and Ezri Tarazi.

    The Nature Conservancy collaborated with prominent designers from the worlds of fashion, industrial and furniture design, and each designer focused on a natural material from a specific place where the Conservancy works. The locations ranged from iconic American landscapes, such as the sweeping grasslands of Idaho, to such exotic places as the southwest coast of Australia and the forests of China's Yunnan Province. The designs explore the transformation of organic items-wood, plants, wool- into beautiful and useful objects. By choosing sustainable materials that support, rather than deplete, endangered places, designers can help reshape our materials economy and advance a global conservation ethic. Through this process, the exhibition reveals fascinating stories about regeneration, natural places and the human connection to the Earth's lands and waters.

    Excerpted from Dexigner Cooper Hewitt

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Environment, Industrial Design


    The Timeless Garden clock was designed by Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Tommaso Ceschi. It craftily combines the functions of houseplant with clock. The clock works by using the chemistry inherent between mud and metal to create electricity. The frame of this eco-friendly gadget is made out of recycled plastic.

  • Volvo_chair_177_

    I saw this chair and it made me smile.

    This modular cardboard lounge chair designed by Luis Fernando Luna Bermudez, a Universidad de Monterrey student, took top prize in the 2007 Volvo For Life Design competition. It's inspired by a Volvo C30 taillight.

    Excerpt taken from Dexigner

  • On Isaac Asimov and the Foundation Saga

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    Having just completed my third book in the Foundation saga, Second Foundation, I couldn’t help but feel elated and saddened at the same time. I was thrilled that the Second Foundation had survived The Mule and the search by the First Foundation. Their survival and secrecy would guide the Seldon Plan into fruition without the knowledge of the First Foundation therefore allowing the course of psychohistory to be fulfilled. My sadness arises from analogous conditions that are unfolding between this great work of fiction and the socio-economic dilemma we face right now. Are we experiencing the demise of our Earthly Empire or are we in a self-styled Seldon crisis brought upon us by environmental disregard, financial greed and complacent application and disregard of new advances in science and technology? How do we know when we enter into a crisis, when we solve it and how to prevent one from happening?

    Admittedly we have individuals, institutions and think-tanks that focus on statistical analysis and predictions in areas such as policy, war, terror, monetary issues, food, environment, design and health matters etc. How can the products of these institutions be used or merged into one influential and powerful council that world leaders are answerable to for the survival of Earth and her citizens?

    Why do we turn to art or science-fiction only when it is almost or even too late? It is apparent that the time has come to implement and study the idea of value fictions (see works ...

  • An Industrial Designer in Africa

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    I am an industrial designer and I love what I do but try explaining that at a cocktail party or exhibition opening when asked “what do you do?” It is is automatically assumed that I design only clothing or machines that perform at 500 rpm and top up bottles in a giant mechanical uterus of a factory. I am not a fashion designer although I sometimes design wearables and I am not a mechanical engineer. I am a post industrial designer (just to be more confusing) and on stating this I see the glazed and confused looks slowly cover their eyes and receptive antennae. More importantly, my training centred on Industrial Design in a post-industrial world and the evolution of the traditional forms of Industrial Design which looks at people, objects and spaces in a completely different light from how design in the industrial age did. Post Industrial Design examines the relationships, impact, after-life and evolution of objects. It is filled with questions that probe, expand and reduce the significance of the object even before it has been made. Usability, feasibility, compatibility with the user and the environment are also considered and now more than ever, what happens to the remains of the object after it has kicked the bucket. We live in a service driven economy and designers are needed to streamline the functioning and lifecycles of systems and industry. Design is needed to get brands recognised and to give an alternative view to how we live and our perceived notions of normalcy....

  • United Airlines of Africa

    Arts & Culture


    Today is the last day of the Design Cinema conference and UAA will hopefully be going to other galleries around the world. The African Diaspora continues within and outside the African continent with recent examples of people in flight caused by; rebel fighting and civilian displacements in DR Congo, illegal African migrants arriving at Spanish and Italian ports, political/religious fighting in Jos, Nigeria and the Zimbabwe cholera outbreak which has caused many to make illegal border crossovers to the Republic of South Africa. The migration continues and hope is the destination.

    UAA project process

    Design Cinema 2008

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  • Industrial Design
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