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Margaret Koyal

Dallas, Texas, United States


Member since August 05, 2013

  • The Koyal Info Mag: A leading online magazine in science news

    Education, Communication Design

    Koyal InfoMag features journals and other content across clinical, applied and physical sciences. Apart from hosting loads of up-to-date and informative feature articles complete with in-depth analysis and related facts, there is a rich archive where you can easily search for articles, photos, resource links and topics.

    We host news of discoveries in various fields of science with the focus on space, medical treatments, fringe science, microbiology, chemistry and physics, while providing commercial and cultural contexts and deeper insight.

    Publishing Team Koyal InfoMag is maintained by a highly qualified team of professionals with expertise on various fields of science and relevant experience in the academe, newspapers and magazine publishing.

    Resources Koyal InfoMag relies on numerous resource materials like science journals and press releases in putting together every article post. They are then proofread and edited to ensure that everything published on this site is of high quality.

    Feature posts are supported with links to academic studies, related topics and research and could also be integrated with illustrations and relevant images.

    Daily News Watch All the latest news posted today are on this page, for you to conveniently keep track of developments and news subjects daily.

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