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Hanover, Germany

Member since November 30, 2007

  • A whole lot of wasted time & effort!


    I myself took part in this competition. I can safely say I gave it my best shot.I didnt keep track of the hours, but i was in it to win it! Close to 3 weeks I must have spent. As surely did many others as well.

    What amazes me however, as someone else mentioned in this blog was that a winner could not be found agreeably out of this amount of submissions (1604). Thats simply silly. In the end, i'd say there was easily 20-30 pro logos to choose from. Quality stuff. Some absolutely awful stuff too i'm sorry. Some couldn't even get the SFTF title spelt correctly but anyhow.

    I am wondering exactly what kind of judges we had, and exactly what kind of standard they had set. Several of the finalist selection was very poor and I was shocked to see that they had made it that far.So this does make one wonder, who the heck was really judging this thing?All that would have been needed was a couple judges with a good visual eye.Your going no where with a committee.

    I could probably go on about this all day. What I will lastly say is that the least that could have been done here was to have paid the winner his or her surely deserved $5000. Never heard of such a thing before.

    I think the right thing to have done would have been for Design 21 to award the prize money to *their chosen *number 1, which whom THEY selected despite the logo not being used.Thats how its usually done fairly in public competitions worldwide. Word gets around too fast these days in the design circles and im' afraid there's going to be a lot less people competing for the 15,000 pot next round, I surely don't want to waste more of my time here either.

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