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Lima, Peru

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since November 27, 2007

  • About Prize $5000.00


    I submitted my designs, but I am not a finalist, is not a problem for me, but I agree entirely with those who say that all the designs participants should be submitted to a vote of the public on the Internet, and judges who would be selected from among 161 designs (10% in 1607 approximately) if the organizers are not agree with any of the 10 designs, it would give the award to the ten best, and would have every right to choose among the designs, which most interests them, it is even possible based on the designs submitted to a more tailored to what they want, THIS IS THE WAY IT IS JUSTICE, FOLLOWING UP WITH PROVIDED (the word offered and the commitment fulfilled worth more qe any institution) ... I do not want to overly pessimistic ... but even if I do not believe this is so, perhaps the next design21 is very poor professional, knowing what happened, few of the good ones, return to the competition ... We would like to strongly seek ways to be fair and reward the effort.

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