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Tristan Spencer DeWolfe

Gurnee, Illinois, United States

I am a universal social entrepreneur.

Member since November 26, 2007

Variation on viral, survey-ish circulation; "25 Things About You..."

I tend to have some difficulty writing about myself; this should suffice for the time being.

Disclaimer: This is not typical; I regularly find things like this pestilential but, I'm in a mood. I will make an effort to avoid trite or inane points. I have a feeling it may become an effete list of likes and dislikes. My apologies beforehand.-Tristan

  1. My given middle name is Joseph. I have changed it for a number of reasons, aside from general disdain for the name itself.

  2. I seem to be aligning myself with pacifism; and I absolutely despise activism in nearly every sense of the word. This does not mean that I agree or disagree with any current, former, or future conflicts... I will always support and hold high respect for those who make the decision to join the Forces. Actually, it's political and social activism I don't view fondly.

  3. I have Lupus SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus). Problematic since 2003, diagnosed in 2007. Because no insurance will cover me, I currently owe seven area hospitals $288,000. The bane is that 1)The debt counts against my credit, and 2)It will only grow larger since I cannot afford, and not many ever could, to pay out-of-pocket for preventative care. I must wait until I become so ill or unstable that I have no other option than to go to the emergency room. It is unfair to me, taxpaying individuals, hospital staff, and other E.R. patients. To add insult, I am lectured on every visit, that I am choosing to neglect my health like this. It is interesting to note that the same doctors who lecture and now treat me like a nuisance, had phenomenal and accommodating bedside manner when I was an insured inpatient. Obvious personal reasons reserved, I would endorse a form of Universal Health Care.

  4. I am a fervent dreamer and idealist. I make no apologies for it. I have a fairly extreme abhorrence to the term 'reality.' Primarily because it seems to have become society's normative retreat from ambition.

  5. That said, I will build a conglomerate to rival that of (bad references, I'm aware) Virgin Empire, Google, and Marmon Holdings. I'd like to change the way big business is run and managed.

  6. Ultimately, I will be a philanthropist. Cliche, yes; but, I want to change the world.

  7. I believe that the concept of 'Don't fix it until it's broken.' is far worse for our national and global society than fraudulent behavior in public office, or in large institutions, or even the current 'crisis' state of the economy.

  8. I am incredibly detail-oriented. I like complicated and maximal things. Those whom are matter-of-fact or minimalist tend to find me insufferable.

  9. Smoking is a loathsome, regrettable habit that I've had on and off since a bit before my twentieth birthday. I have found that I don't 'crave' cigarettes, rather, I'm fidgety. The only negative occurrences I've noticed after stopping, are extreme appetite and short mood swings. Other than that, quitting all together shouldn't be hard at all. I haven't made a solid decision just yet.

  10. I am highly proficient in the art of procrastination. It's especially destructive, obviously. Though during my bouts productivity, I am altogether stellar.

  11. My mind moves ~1.0x10^100 kilometers per hour. I have trouble concentrating regularly--might be the causation for the aforementioned. Likewise, I have always had an issue with departing on seemingly random tangents during conversation. Before just recently, I would have trouble remembering how I left the original thought stream. I suppose that in my mind, it's important to get all the thoughts, and those attached, out and completed or I'll feel like I'm leaving something behind. I continue to work diligently at ceasing that ridiculousness.

  12. I am finally becoming comfortable in my own skin. I have long despised, or loved depending on the hour, my appearance. Undoubtedly, the majority of that is social and/or cultural. Of course there are things I can do to change physical image, but I have to fight an accelerated metabolism. So back to patience, which I tend to have little of. I'm sure I've always been a sensitive person, I seem to put a great degree of undue attention on negativity directed at me. Of course I shouldn't, and it used to be worse, but I've come to terms with the fact that I cannot please everyone.

  13. Academia and I have a tumultuous relationship. I consistently score fantastically high on in-class work, tests, projects, etc. But I rarely bring myself to do 'homework.' Excuse I use most often is 'I could better use my time doing something constructive' though, rarely that happens.

  14. I have yet to meet a life coach, or counselor for that matter, that can handle me. I refuse only take one major, one career, one lofty goal.

  15. I am a happy bachelor. I have had a couple grand relationships in the past and as with anyone, I occasionally get down when I think about them. I do not require a relationship. I'm not codependent; I certainly don't feel incomplete or worthless when not in one. Loneliness is completely relative. Of course, I am not going to shutter myself to the privilege of an association beyond platonic bonds.

  16. I do not fear failure. I fear never trying. I find myself paralyzed when I get as far as I [think] can go on a project, idea, etc., for the time being. The fear surfaces when I believe that I'll only ever be good at articulating (relatively speaking) and that I'll never move further. It's a horrifying thought.

  17. I vehemently hate how people treat one another with such malice and antipathy without regard for propriety or the individual, especially towards whom they hold a prejudice or malicious third party blatherskite. I've never met more disgusting personalities than at a former entertainment workplace; the caddishness and narcissism was unprecedented. Sadly, I know they lack the capacity to care if they even realized the err. Worse even, the 'community' that I am often associated with wears this behavior like a badge of honor. I know that I have been, and will be, guilty of such unsavory actions; but, I make conscious effort to decentralize that unfortunate norm from my own personality.

  18. I worry that my generation is going to bury the Greats, and there won't be anyone worthy to fill their shoes.

  19. I welcome the challenge to finally rectify generational pervasive dilemmas. I feel that Band-Aid solutions will no longer do in our lifetimes. It would be unfair to us and rude to those who will inherit the parcel from us, if we did not find transcendent absolute solutions.

  20. I genuinely enjoy long, astute, profound conversations. As I'm sure you're aware, I have an opinion on just about everything. None of my opinions are ever final. Paradoxically, my opinion can change if I gain broader knowledge, or gain a new perspective.

  21. I tend not to keep company with people my age. Never really have. Outside of school, most of my friends are older by three years or more.

  22. I have, or at least like to believe that I have fantastically prodigious ideas and goals spanning a multitude of fields. Superficially including, but not limited to: -Advanced Fire Sprinkler Systems -Advanced Infrastructure -Aerospace -Beyond DVR -Carbon Dioxide Solutions -Clearance Beacon -Clothing & Accessories -'Coffee Table' Publication(s) -Design & Engineering (Architectural, Automotive, Civil, Social, Virtual) -Entertainment (Personal, Properties) -Fiber Optic Lighting Possibilities -Financial-Investment -Logistics -'Niche' Risk-Taking Corp -Periodical Wireless Crossover -Philanthropic Endeavors -Plasma Gasification Systems -Private Energy (Wind, Solar) -PsuedoUniversal Health Care -Rapid Construction Process(es) -Real Estate -Think Tank-Consulting Firm -Ultra Personalized Gym -Vertical Farming -Web-based Endeavors (Novelty, Networking, Personal Verification, etc.) Ask if you wish to hear about something in more detail.

  23. I have highly eclectic tastes. I sometimes think I should have been born in 1901 or 1941.

  24. I'm happy that I know so many different people, makes life interesting. Though it puts in perspective that I have very few confidants. I sometimes question their devotion, most of the time, unjustly. Even if I needed to have something validated, I don't think I would attempt to bring it up.

  25. "Learn as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."-James Dean, Gandhi, Machiavelli. I'm a walking HBO series. Odd things occur regularly--such is life, I suppose. I used to think I had a boring existence.

Assuredly, I will aggrandize this when I discover intriguing insights worth the time.

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design