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Barberà del Vallès, Spain

Member since November 26, 2007

  • About the design choosen


    When I read the post published telling that the winner was not a finalist, I thought 'Well, be prepared for a very bad logo to be the winner'.

    Now, I have to say I agree with MCAI NY: It's a great logo. And what is more important to me, is a great logo in a way it will be great through time. Because there are a lot of submissions closer to be an illustration than to be a logo. And I know that, with some great illustrations, with a lot of work on them, it's difficult to take an eye on a black and white typographic logo submission, but to work with photo and documentary stills, it's the best option (in my opninion).

    Now I'm curious about the other 12 finalists that MCAI NY had choose because, to be honest, I think would be more interesting than the D21 145 finalists selection.

    I also want to congratulate the winners.

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