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Memphis, TN, United States

Designer (Accessories)

Member since November 25, 2007

Originally from Hawaii, the designer's art reflects her rich, multi-cultural heritage of Asia, Polynesia and Europe. She is a master crafter of Asian Art forms such as bonsai, sculpting, and origami. Her designs incorporate mixed cultural elements from her Hawaii origins.

Currently, she is working to regain the use of her hands and mind as a survivor of violence and auto immune disease. While her hands have become weakened, her desire to share her creative spirit drives her into other creative outlets such as jewelry design and computer-aided graphic design.


Fusian is a term of endearment for multi-ethnic Asian artists like myself. Fusian is a blending of the words FUSION and ASIAN. Thus, my FusianArt designer jewelry and artwork is reflected in my culturally rich fusian background.

There is always a bit of ethnic folklore attached to the things I create. I can’t help but weave my mixed Hawaiian, Asian and European heritage into each of my creations. When designing jewelry, I love to fuse ancient themes with original motifs, semi-precious gems, sparkling crystals, fine metals, and handmade ethnic beads from all over the world.

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Current Affiliations:

Memphis Food Bank/St. Jude's Children Hospital

Past Affiliations:

Political Activist and Founding Officer, Hawaii Rainbow Coalition

Hawaii Women's Political Association

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design