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Janaina Forteza

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Member since November 24, 2007

Interior designer, law student, animal protector and photography lover, I really believe the world can be changed by images, songs and actions. I live in a country where there are incredible social differences and while some people have a great life's quality, other ones have nothing to eat. The government can see the suffering and just continue doing nothing to minimize the social questions while deceive the majority of people without any access to basic education and shame the little group of people who have sufficient culture to realize how the country is on adrift. There is no respect to the environment and the wild animals have been exterminated in their places while the excess pets have wandered to the streets. Amid this, I try to take actions to show the people about sustainable development, responsible animal ownership and how is possible to point to the future without forget the respect to our planet. We will need one when the future comes.

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Global Action Foundation thanks Leonardo DiCaprio

Poverty, Industrial Design

Posted May 30, 2007
By Dan Kelly

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The world can be changed by images, songs and actions

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