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Jean Pierre Kin

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since November 21, 2007

  • The Real World


    I too was disapointed by the fact that there's no winner to the SFTF competition.

    When you present all the work there has been created (in this case by showing it in public for voting) to a client, there's always the risk that they choose a design that the creative director (the jury) doesn't like.

    The client always has an opinion about what's best for his brand. This often doesn't match with the designers point of view. He also looks for aesthetics wich are secondary for the client.

    In order to avoid this checkmate situation in the future, the judging system should be other way around. First the jury picks the best designs and then those 'winners' wil be judged by the public. In that case the client is not tempted, because he simply doesn't know.

    Judging design will alway be something subjective. Objectivity doesn't exist in our field of work. And that's a good thing!

    Probably the client like my design most. ;-)

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