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Corona, United States

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  • Nature vs Nurture


    “Political conservatives have sometimes favored genetic explanation of behavior and intelligence while liberals have more often favored environmental explanations.”

    There are many examples involving politicizing nature vs. nature issues, but an especially notable example favoring genetic explanations of behavior are the devastating events in Nazi Germany. The propaganda aimed towards building a greater Germany by extinguishing all inferior races that is, people other than the “superior” Aryan race-so that a genetically pure race woould be maintained. This, unfortunately led to history’s most notorious and devastingact of human immorality- the Holocaust.

    An example of political leaders favoring nenvironmental expectations in behavior was the founding of Communism, which believed that humans were highly malleable adn docile. Because there was great confidence tha tpeople would work together for greater productivity, some regimes accompainied their revolution with massive indoctrination efforts. For example, in the Cultural Revolution of China and the two Russian Revolutions, efforts resulted disastrously, however due to lack of an individual economic incentive, accompanied by a terribly toll of human deaths from cruel punishments and miseravle lives, initiated by the attempts to “reeducate” the majority.

    DeWaal contend that “suppressed categories of people, such as minorities and women” should feel threat both from biological determinism and from an environment...

  • The Word



    Whenever I heard this question being asked and then hearing it being answered, I would cringe, and whoever is next to me will give me another cringe. Hearing those answers, is what bothers me. Especially, when the similar answers are being heard over thousands times. Anyway, you probably would want to know what the question is, first, before you hear those answers. And this might sound familiar from your parents or did when you were just a child. And that would be, “Wow, you got so much talent and your so gifted…What do you want to be?” The child in the corner would reply, “I want to be doctor.” “I want be a lawyer!” And the one in front of you would go, “I want to be a neurosurgeon.” Sure you do. “A doctor” or “a lawyer” were answers that probably satisfied your mother. But those answers to me are somewhat disappointing to hear. Which might sound awkward to you because you mind has probably been trained to think that there is no better job than being paid the “green sheets.” You know “dough,” “bread,” “MUULLAA.” Yes, Money. And YES, this is what irritates me. For some people, not that they are passionate about it and not that they are seriously worried about saving other lives, and not that they really have the interest. Perhaps, it’s the Ben Franklin’s, they get every week. It is the lack of dedication, and the thought of other minds of just wanting to make money, that makes me cringe. Don’t get me wrong. I do understand that there are those who want to be doctors or law...

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