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Brooklyn, NY, United States

Brooklyn Creative Center

Member since November 15, 2007

  • Create '08

    Arts & Culture


    As we continue to strive to give artists and creative professionals the resources they need at a fraction of the cost, we are adding more benefits to our already loaded membership plans to encourage people to <b>“Create in ‘08”</b>.

    Stoking creative fires across the fields of fabrication, digital media, graphic design, photography and more, the new features to the <b>I Heart Brooklyn, Annual and Trial</b> memberships provide free classes and studio time along with some big savings to anyone signing up for membership starting January 1st.

    <b>FREE STUDIO TIME!!!</b>

    New Trial members (3-month term at $60 per month) will receive a complimentary 4-hour block of time in the photo studio or day pass in the wood and metal shop while new Annual members (12-month term at $30 per month) receive one month of free membership and the same a choice of a complimentary 4-hour block in the photo studio or day pass in the shop.


    The best savings and bonuses are found with all new I Heart Brooklyn members ($300 per month) whose membership grants unlimited access to all of 3rd Ward’s facilities. I Heart Brooklyn members who sign up for a year will have the opportunity to take an unlimited number classes and receive one free month of membership while those signing up for 3 months will have the unlimited classes option as well for a nominal, per class registration fee.

    <b>REMEMBER: LEAR...


    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design




    3rd Ward has new workspaces for wood and metal workers, fabricators and designers, furniture and cabinet makers, sculptors, and individuals looking for access to a variety of machinery, tools and resources within a large, open wood and metal shop.

    Spaces include 3rd Ward's unlimited membership plan for both the occupant and an assistant granting access to all of 3rd Ward's studios and facilities, free and discounted classes, networking opportunities amidst a growing community of artists and creative professionals, free admission to events, access to health insurance coverage, offers from partnering businesses, and more.

    Please visit the links below for more information on the machinery and tools in the shop as well as all the benefits 3rd Ward membership affords you.

    Please call 718.715.4961 to make an appointment to see the facilities.


  • Handmade-holiday__177_


    On Saturday December 8th, 3rd Ward is proud to present the 1st-ever Handmade Holiday Craft Fair and Open House where local artisans and craft mavens alike will be selling their wares in the classic marketplace style amidst an Open House filled with free tutorials and demos in vintage furniture restoration, sustainable lamp design, video animation, metal work, graphic design and more - all led by 3rd Ward Members and top artists and creative professionals.

    We will be featuring special live performances, giveaways, discounts on membership, classes and studio rentals with steady beats, tasty refreshments and a fabulous photo booth on hand to keep the energy going throughout the day.

    And right along with the spirit of giving we are going to be taking food and clothing donations for local shelters so please bring along some canned goods and clothing to donate to those in need. Giving is goodness...

    So come out to 3rd Ward on Saturday December 8th and support your local artists and designers this holiday season and show Brooklyn the love it shows you every day.

    The craft fair and open house will start at 12 noon and go until around 8pm with programs running throughout the day.

  • Come Build With Us

    Arts & Culture

    3rd Ward, Brooklyn's creative giant has recently constructed brand-new, private workspaces perfect for fabricators and designers looking for access to a variety of machinery, tools and resources within a growing community of artists and creative professionals.

    These 8'x8' spaces housed within the wood and metal shops grant you direct access to equipment and include 3rd Ward's I Heart Brooklyn membership plan for both the occupant and an assistant allowing unlimited access to all of 3rd Ward's facilities, free admission to events, health insurance coverage, and more.

    For more information on membership visit our site here:

    Please call 3rd Ward at 718.715.4961 for more information and to schedule an appointment to see the spaces and tour the facilities.

    Love 3rd Ward Fam

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