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Daniel Georges

Beirut, Lebanon

Designer (architecture)

Member since November 15, 2007

  • Reply to Mr.Smith, Director of Design21


    Dear Mr.Smith,

    I have to admit I did not expect any replies to my post from Design21, especially not from you personally. I even feared my post would be removed instantly. I am humbled by your honesty and courage to take in the criticism. I hope I was not too scathing in my comments, at least not towards Design21 for I believe all participants have a genuine respect to the core mission of the organization.

    I am convinced that the D21 team will sort out this problem, before it takes any further unnecessary amplitude, rendering everyone satisfied and excited for the next D21 competition.

    Again I need to stress on congratulating 802 for being MCAI’s pick and hope they will develop a great identity vital for a powerful media impact. The festival itself has a highly esteemed purpose and I imagine all of us want it to be success no matter who claims its fatherhood.

    I sincerely thank you for your reply and all the effort put to reach a righteous resolution.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Georges

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design