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Kakuei Araral

Tagum, Davao, Philippines

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since November 08, 2007

  • Let the designers vote!


    I have a simple suggestion that will hopefully help heal the deep disappointment and confusion caused by this contest and open up positive dialog.

    Why not let all the designers who joined the contest judge the entries?

    Like the others, I put out two entries and voted only for one. But I gave up on the other entry because of the sheer number. I am not saying that the people's choice winner is not deserving. I am sure it was chosen in the most democratic way, which could be the way to go in future contests.

    I know that most of us here took part because we want to be part of something meaningful. Something more than recognition. For me it was being part of the greater social design community that thrilled me most when I clicked the submit button.

    Lastly, a reaction to the statement of MCA-I NY:

    "As marketing and visual communications professionals ourselves, as well as business owners, we know that a logo must be more than a pretty face."

    Perhaps they should really be saying this to themselves, starting with their own logo. Then again, if this is the face of global media communications, then we shouldn't be surprised at all.

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