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Liam Boyle



Member since July 23, 2013


    “I don’t know how we’re going to manage.” Polly was in tears. “We were doing just fine. The house was paid off, and we had saved enough to get by.”

    “I had to stop driving because of my eyes, but Harry did all that until his stroke. Now, I can’t leave him alone. We can’t afford assisted living or even help at home.” She started to break down. Harry used his good arm to rub his wife’s shoulder.

    “Were either of you veterans?” I asked.

    “Harry was — during the Korean War. But he was stationed in Japan.”

    “That's OK,” I smiled. “As long as he served during wartime and has a good military discharge, he might be eligible for the VA Aid and Attendance program.”

    “What's that?” Polly asked, her eyes brightening.

    “Let me have Janet, my social worker, talk to you.”

    In our office, the VA Aid and Attendance program is the best thing since sliced bread with butter and jam. It has helped many of our veterans and surviving spouses of veterans pay for care at home or in assisted living.

    But many families who are struggling to care for an ailing veteran have never heard of it, or they think that it is only for career military retirees or veterans who have a service-related disability.

    The VA Aid and Attendance program can provide up to $1,703 a month in aid for a single veteran, $2,019 for a married veteran or $1,094 a month for a ...

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