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dekker hoff

san diego, california, United States


Member since July 23, 2013

  • Every Single Creature on Earth Has a Role to Play

    Community, Environmental Design



    A squirrel lies motionless in the middle of a street, its guts splattered out of its body, seemingly crushed beneath a car as it tried to cross over. In the past I've seen raccoons, pigeons and even cats in this pathetic state, and often wondered what if a person crossing the street was even hit by a vehicle. I know. All hell would break loose, emergency vehicles flashing red lights and sirens would be dispersed and inevitably criminal charges will be laid against the driver.

    So why aren't other sentient beings receiving the same respect as humans? You see, every single creature on the planet has a role to play, but just because humans don't see the intrinsic characteristics, they tend to treat the other creatures with disregard. Perhaps the reductionist society in which we live has brainwashed us into believing that we're superior and more valuable than other living beings. Not at all, according to Albert Schwietzer, a 20th century theologian, musician and philosopher. In his published essay (1936) "Ethics of Reverence for Life" Schwietzer said, "Indeed, when we consider the immensity of the universe, we must confess that man is insignificant. The world began, as it were, yesterday. It may end tomorrow. Life has existed in the universe but a brief second. And certainly man's life can hardly be considered the goal of the universe. Its margin of existence is always precarious."

    Similar sentiments are echoed by a distinguished professor of Philos...

  • Finansmarkedene vedtatt et bredt forsiktig tone som en stor uke i form av sentralbanken møter og økonomiske data utgivelser som fikk i gang

    Federal Reserve, den europeiske sentralbanken og Bank of England er planlagt å avsløre politiske beslutninger denne uken mens en tung tidsplan global makro data vil kulminere på fredag med juli i alle viktige amerikanske non-farm lønn rapporten

    The markets will scrutinise the statement from the Fed’s Open Market Committee for any clues as to when the US central bank might begin scaling back, or “tapering”, its quantitative easing programme.

    "I forhold til FOMC pressemeldingen, forventer vi at tweaks til setningen vil være svært beskjeden, hvis de skjer hele tatt," sier Sue Trinh, senior valuta strateg i RBC Capital Markets.

    "Alt i juni setningen er fortsatt relevant i dag, og således ser vi bør svært få endringer på økonomisk/inflasjon Outlook. Vi forventer ikke endringer i QE delen av setningen, enten."

    I mellomtiden vil Kina også være i fokus senere denne uken da den offisielle produksjonen Kjøp lederes indeks for juli er utgitt.

    Manufacturing PMI produsert av HSBC/Markit og lansert forrige uke kom en 11-måneders lav.

    Kina bekymringer var også i bevis etter nyheter at Beijing hadde beordret en presserende revisjon av regjeringen låneopptak.

    "Det har lenge vært bekymringer at trinnene Kina tok et par år siden for å motvirke effekten av den globale finanskrisen har forlatt den med...

  • Koyal_group_1_177_

    TOKYO, Japan -- Mr Cole who is currently Koyal Group's Director of Private Equity has worked with the company for almost 10 years, and has been nominated as a potential candidate to replace Mr Edward Neilson as Chief Executive Officer when he retires in 2014. It is therefore no surprise to employees at Koyal Group that he should be appointed to the board of directors at this time.

    Mr Cole gave comment on his appointment saying "this is a tremendous honour for me, I am delighted to have been given this position in recognition of my efforts and I'm proud to say I look forward to seeing out the remainder of my career with Koyal Group both in my capacity as Director of Private Equity and on company's board of directors".

    As a Non-Executive Director Mr Cole will have a minimal role in the board room administration of Koyal Group, and will continue to direct Koyal Group's private equity department, but according to Mr Edward Neilson, he has been shortlisted for the position of Chief Executive Officer.