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Tommi P. Laiho

Turku, Finland

Designer (Product Design)

Member since November 07, 2007

  • Open source for industrial design...


    Yes...I have decided to give open source a chance...

    I have been seeking the most interesting and most useful open source software for industrial design purposes...there are some:

    1. Blender. This can be well used for polygonal modeling, animation and rendering. Excellent product support in the Blender artists forum. No need for Maya or 3D Max. Blender does the job.
    2. Paint kills need for photoshop. And also Gimp.
    3. Vector graphics and 2D with Inkspace
    4. 7 zip is excellent archiver
    5. Open office for making contracts...

    and so on there are good softwares for free...

    However Rhino and T-splines must be bought and Alibre also for mass modeling. However the package above is rather cheap compared to many others....Its a pitty that there is no "free ware rhino" or"free ware PRO/Engineer". I hope I am wrong. If there was you could start a business with almost 0 software costs...

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Industrial Design is actually rather boring thing...

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