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echo snow

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  • Apple_touchid_2013_09_14d_177_

    I have been interested in biometrics since 1996 when a little company called Comparitor Systems became one of the first infamous internet era penny stock scams. The New York Times detailed how: "In early May (1996), Comparator became one of the most amazing stock stories on the Nasdaq market, leaping from 3 cents a share to a peak of $1.75...the company had not developed a new fingerprint identification system, as it had said, but had instead stolen a prototype of a system developed by others..."

    Comparitor may have been a scam but this was my first exposure to biometrics technology (and how something can go viral over the internet). The technology seemed promising and I believed that it would ultimately replace passwords.

    I didn't think it would take 17 years but it does look like our standard alphanumeric password protection standard may finally become obsolete.

    Earlier this year we saw headlines such as ArsTechnica's "PayPal exec aims to "obliterate passwords from the face of the planet" and the BBC's "End of the line for online passwords, says PayPal" where PayPal President David Marcus stated that "We want to move away from passwords, and get to embedded fingerprint scanners on mobile phones." Moreover, he correctly predicted that: "You're going to start seeing that type of experience later this year, with a mass roll-out in the year to come."

    After Apple's acquisition of Authentic last year which included its ...

  • The Investment Dresser: Espadrilles

    Well-being, Fashion Design


    Apparently, André Leon Talley, the voluminous contributing editor of American Vogue, and Diana Vreeland, the pin-thin former über editor-in-chief of American Vogue, once discussed espadrilles for three hours.

    One probably needed to be there.

    Even if you went into the darkest corners of the espadrille's socio- and geopolitical origins, that still leaves a lot of time for jute. And while there are many good things to say about jute - it's natural and biodegradable, for starters - I have my reservations.

    SHOP: The Trendy 20 - flat espadrilles

    Such as how jute beats up the soles of your feet. But maybe I'm being a bit Princess and the Pea here. Chic-erati of all sizes love an espadrille, from Picasso on. I wonder about their calluses but maybe, after a while, the espadrille functions like a loofah.

    The problem for those of us with only two weeks' access to a hot beach rather than three months' cruising around the Med, is that our feet don't have time to acclimatise to all that rubbing.

    Perhaps we should wear them in town more. The espadrille is a classic. It began life in northern Spain, gained traction with fishermen, looks terrific with floppy trousers and even more so with a long evening dress.

    That said, the espadrille isn't the most flattering shoe since it moulds accommodatingly around every defect, whether your feet are pronate or buniony.

    That's why they're so comfortable and why I'd opt for as thick a sole as possible. (Keep clothes long if your ankles aren't y...

  • Untitled_177_


    MADRID – Fashion models that emerge from clothing labels and inform customers about an article’s fabric, vehicles in a print ad that drive around and open their doors, characters in a book that smile at the reader: all of this is already possible with Google Glass, which could hit the market in 2014.

    Murcia, Spain-based Droiders, the company behind the application that enabled the first live streaming of a surgery using Google Glass and performed by a Spanish physician, Dr. Pedro Guillen, has announced the development of Empowar, the world’s first augmented-reality application for the hi-tech headset.

    One of the individuals responsible for this application, Ignacio Navarro, told EFEfuturo that the inclusion of this software in the Google Glass device provides access to a broad range of functionalities that will make a three-dimensional reality available to any user.

    The application is ideal for visualizing images in three dimensions and interacting with them in various fields, including art, education, advertising, marketing and commerce, Navarro said.

    You might want to read

    He added that Empowar already is showing that it can be used successfully, for example allowing students to view images from their textbooks in motion and in three dimensions.

    It also allows users to walk visually through a natural park and enjoy its flora and fauna from different angles of vision, as well as enable people to view videos or images of singers while listening to their mu...

  • Source

    L'Union européenne perd beaucoup d'argent chaque année par le biais de la corruption et de fraude de la subsidy. Maintenant, une nouvelle est institution réprimer Cense et sur le problème de continue it délinquants à travers les of frontières de l'UE.

    "Le plus grand, c'est mieux,» est ce que certains agriculteurs Autrichiens semblent avoir pensé quand ils ont simplement déclaré certains champs inutilisés comme une zone agricole. pendant deux ans ils encaissés avec les subventions agricoles de l'UE. À la fin en 2012, a été l'escroquerie Découverte et depuis lors, l'UE exige que l'Autriche rembourser les subventions pour un total d'environ 64 millions d'euros.

    Normal Movement, c'est les États membres qui sont eux-mêmes Censes pour ces arnaques continue it, explique Dominik Brodowski, un procureur anglais. corn les députés par le passé "ont Montré à plusieurs reprises qu'ils ne sont pas que les désireux de continue it crimes dont l'UE est la cible », dit-il à German wave. C'est en partie parce que les autorités the national organisées différemment différents pays sont, mais aussi parce que les subventions de l'UE sont of funds de l ' UE et ne pas partie de faisant n'importe quel budget nationaux individual.

    Autorité de l'UE à coordonner

    N'est plus l'UE disposée est à mettre en place et cela avec, dans le Traité de Lisbonne de 2007 a décidé de mettre en place un office de Procureurs de l'UE. autorité Cette est maintenant à pr...