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Igor Polyakov

Helsinki, Finland

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since November 07, 2007


    Education, Communication Design


    Own country strawberry, another country blueberry. This old Finnish proverb is often recalling in the attitude towards immigrants. However, we are on the point that the immigrant is a strawberry! He has interesting ideas and concepts. He will bring a new culture and different perspectives on usual things.

    Roni Tran, Wilson Kirwa, Batulo Esak and 11 other new Finns explains why they came to Finland from Vietnam, Somalia, India, Turkey, Palestine, Kenya, Russia, Chile, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Burma, Afghanistan, Kosovasta and Cambodia, and how they are survive here. Uzi Varon's photographs of interviewees giving artistic value to the book.

    The book is recommended as teaching material for secondary schools and for everybody who want to learn about immigrants in Finland.Suomalaisia has been issued by Lasten Keskus ( and available in book stores.

    Hot Snow worked on its general design layout and page setting. We are enjoyed to work in tight collaboration with book authors, Marja Airola, Anne Tarsalainen and Uzi Varon.

    SUOMALAISIA teacher resource Airola, Marja; Tarsalainen, Anne Publisher: Lasten Keskus Given date / year of publishing: 15.10.2008 ISBN: 9789516277533 Skills applied: Art direction, Graphic design Client: Lasten Keskus 2008

  • Visit us at FinnBuild '08

    Environment, Environmental Design


    <div class="content"> <div class="field field-type-image field-field-main-image"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item"><img src="" alt="Finnbuild08250.jpg" title="FinnBuild 2008" class="imagecache imagecache-teaser-image" /></div></div></div><p>Come visit us at <a href="">FinnBuild '08</a> in lot <em>5g19</em> starting on the 24th of September, 2008 for a hands-on presentation of our technology. We will be glad to talk and to answer any of your questions.</p> <blockquote><p> FinnBuild is the most important building and building services exhibition in Finland. FinnBuild is now arranged for the 18th time and once again presents the newest products, solutions and services of the branch.</p> <p>International FinnBuild brings the whole construction sector together. Both major, trend-setting old hands as well as new, innovative entrepreneurs will be taking part. FinnBuild, which was first arranged in 1974, fills in all six halls of the Helsinki Fair Centre. (<a href="">source</a>) </p></blockquote> <p>FinnBuild Expo takes place at the <a href="

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    High-Tech Brings Building Facades Into the 21st Century

    August 6, 2008 PRESS RELEASE

    Contact: Igor Polyakov Phone: +35 844 733 70 45 Email:


    HIGH-TECH BRINGS BUILDING FACADES INTO THE 21ST CENTURY Finnish Vitrulux Oy. unveils new technology set to to make self-illuminated facades common place

    A new blend of art and technology used to light glass-facade buildings is transforming city's night looks. Over the last year two new buildings in St-Petersburg, Russia have come to life -- housing offices by day, and dazzling imagination by night. The buildings' facades are a mix of glass windows and light-emitting panels which at night cover faces of the buildings with vivid images and rich textures.

    Thanks to recent advances in technology and design, self-illuminating facade systems have finally become practical both in terms of longevity and environmental friendliness. This new patented technology delivers a lighting solution compatible with modern construction technologies and minimal construction overhead. Vitrulux Oy., the Finnish company responsible for the two installations in St-Petersburg, has recently launched a website ( which showcases these projects and provides technical background information.

    Vitrulux Oy specializes in design and installation of complex and high-tech fa├žade lighting systems for buildings and other urban structures. Our company builds on serious innovative decisions.


    If you'd like more i...

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