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Daniel Taylor


Designer (Journalism)

Member since July 19, 2013

  • Faegre Baker Daniels, Client Technology Solutions



    Our lawyers and professionals in Client Technology Solutions (CTS) support and deliver process- and technology-intensive solutions for our clients' legal work—with a principal focus on litigation, discovery support, electronic data handling, and process management. E-Discovery lawyers act as firm-wide litigation counsel, providing insight about E-Discovery issues and emerging law, while legal project managers, E‑Discovery consultants, and data and document analysts in CTS work with our clients to identify, preserve, collect, process, produce and review the electronically stored information (ESI) required in discovery. We identify cost-effective solutions for clients and manage the implementation of those solutions.

    Electronic Discovery Counseling and Consulting CTS professionals serve as liaisons between legal teams and clients' information technology personnel. CTS counsels clients through, and can fully conduct, the E-Discovery portion of the discovery cycle. Services include specialized expertise in litigation readiness, E-Discovery motion practice and records-information management, and advising on identification, preservation, collection and logistical approaches.

    Electronically Stored Information (ESI) Processing CTS transform raw ESI into usable data for review. We conduct targeted collections, then analyze, search, and cull data to keep the document universe manageable and avoid unnecessary expense.

    Document Review and Document Production CTS manage document review projects of any size. Expert document review managers use proven protocols to ensure accurate and cost-effective reviews—whether the review is performed by our firm, an external provider in the U.S. or an offshore provider. CTS professionals prepare and produce ESI in an efficient and usable format to reduce cost, risk and errors and to comply with production specifications and timelines.

    Pre-Trial, Trial and Presentation Support CTS assist our legal teams in preparation of document sets, witness kits and deposition designations. We support the management of witness transcripts with LiveNote and other software. We create electronic redactions and electronically linked briefs. Our trial consultants manage nearly every aspect of technology during hearings, arbitrations, mediations and trials. Our graphics team translates the trial team's message into compelling visual presentations that our trial consultants deliver in the courtroom.

    Legal Project Management CTS adapt project management to the legal environment to coordinate and deliver cost-effective solutions. We emphasize early needs assessment; development of goals, work plans, and budgets with our clients; project communication and problem-solving; and adherence to budget. We deliver integrated results whether tasks are performed by our team or through an external provider.

    Legal Process Management CTS uses Six Sigma and Lean methodologies to examine, simplify and document steps in legal service processes. We apply these capabilities on behalf of our clients in matter- and project-specific situations, constantly seeking to increase internal work process efficiency.

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