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    How does the program work? CCMBL provides short-term small commercial loans for a period of 6 to 12 months. Release of loans is based mainly on the business income and not the owner's individual credit rating. All that is required to begin the process is a 1-page application and the most recent 12-month business-bank statements. CCMBL will not require any tax returns, financial statements, business plans, credit card receipts, or itemized rundown of assets.

    What are your interest rates and how are they derived? Each applicant's cash flow, payment history and financial strengths are examined to determine a risk-compatible amortization scheme suited to that applicant. Payments are computed based on factors such as the amount and regularity of the business's cash flow, the length in years the company has operated, the assets possessed by the business, and the targeted usage of funds.

    What factors are considered for approval of the loan application? The age of the business, its revenue track record, assets, and business-credit record, among others, all determine a broad profile of the applicant.

    Why does CCMBL practice daily repayments? CCMBL loans are payable through tiny, daily automatic payments (with the exception of weekends and holidays) from the borrower's enterprise's checking-account. Because our borrowers usually earn daily income, CCMBL's daily repayment procedure allows them to control their cash more readily than if they did it on a monthl...

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    Hooray for George Osborne! I never imagined I’d ever write those words, but George has done his country a great service. He’s put £60 million behind one of the most inspiring British inventions of our age: Skylon, a space plane with a revolutionary new engine.

    When Skylon’s up and running, it’ll be able to transport satellites – well, anything — into orbit for a 20th of the current price, and go at a scorching 3,500 mph. It’ll be the envy of the world – which sounds like hyperbole, but isn’t. The Spectator championed Skylon four years ago, pointing out that the world is on the brink of a new space race, and that the UK could lead the way, if only our government only had the balls to back British invention. We wrote: ‘China knows we’re on the verge of a new space age: it plans to launch a manned space laboratory late next year and has been making a fleet of Shenzhou taxi spacecraft. Russia knows it: Roscosmos, the Russian space agency has announced plans for a next-generation manned spacecraft. Darpa, the Pentagon agency that created the internet and stealth technology, is hard at work developing its own space planes…But we have perhaps the most exciting space plane idea in the world, a British design, Skylon, conceived in the 1980s by the MoD, cancelled by Kenneth Clarke and Michael Heseltine… .Beneath the surface frost, the old spirit of British innovation, the spirit of Barnes Wallis, is waiting in the wings.’

    I admit, back in 2009, I didn’t t...