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Tara Walther

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  • Different Steps Involved In Powder Coating Statesville NC Experts Follow

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    Applying coats to surfaces is an important step in giving the final outlook of a product. This is done as a way of improving the appearance as well as improving the durability of the product. Coating products are available in either powder or solvent forms. The latter paints are dissolved to form a liquid paint that is used for application. Before using powder coating Statesville NC residents consider a number of things.

    In recent times use of powdered paint is being embraced by many painters. This is for the reason that it is environmental friendly compared to other conventional paints due to its low emission of volatile organic compounds. This makes it safe for use by the applicant of the paint and the persons using the products. The over-spray of the paints can also be recycled thereby making wastage of the paint minimal.

    Powdered coating is also known for easy application of thick layers without sagging or running like most of the conventional paints. This makes it ideal for use on metals and household items as well. Its composition of finely ground particles makes it easy for the coat to fuse evenly thus producing a fine and smooth finish

    Preparation of the surfaces that needs to be coated is important. This involves cleaning and rinsing the surfaces by use of water. Any cracks and other defects that might be on the surface should then be repaired adequately. The cleaning process is ideal in removing any dust, oils and other particles that might be on the surface being coated.

    There are also a number of chemical solutions that are used to clean the surface before the coat is applied. They are used to create an effective surface that will bond with the coat that will be applied. However these chemical solutions need to be used with caution to rid the surface of corrosion of various metal substances.

    There are a number of equipments used to apply the powdered paints. These include the electrostatic gun which electronically charges the paint before imparting the same on to the desired surface. Electrostatic fluidized bed coating and electrostatic magnetic brush coating methods can also used in applying the coat.

    Curing the coat applied serves the purpose of ensuring that the paint blends properly. This involves heating the surface that has been applied with paint at temperatures of up to 2000c. As a result the paint granules melt thereby merging together and thus ensuring a concrete bond. This is then followed by a cooling process for about 15 minutes. Cooling helps the coat to harden thus creating a smooth and even finish.

    Powder paints is manufactured by various companies. These companies also produce products for application on various surfaces. They can be purchased from local retail outlets or alternatively from online stores. Paint products can also be sourced online from the manufacturers. When it comes to powder coating Statesville NC contractors are among the best to hire.

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