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Miriam Taylor

Santa Fe Springs, CA, United States

Member since July 12, 2013

  • Significance Of Granite Countertops Houston

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Once a house, the next step is to decorate its interior to make it more appealing and homely. This could be done by painting of the walls with matching color schemes and patterns in all the rooms. The kitchen should also be decorated. By use of granite countertops Houston home owners are sure to have the perfect look in their kitchen.

    Granite is a building stone that bears inter locking crystals that can be seen with the bare eyes. It is available in a range of colors and its beauty makes it the perfect choice for work surfaces especially in your kitchen. This variety gives you many options to choose from and enables you to match the color scheme that you may have for the walls.

    Since the rocks are formed by heat through volcanic action, they are very durable. This exposure to heat at the very early stages of formation makes it heat-resistant hence hot pans and utensils cannot damage it. Any sharp objects that may be used by children to destroy these surfaces also do no harm. This is because they are hard to scratch, making them very suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

    Anything that is scarce and in high demand tends to be expensive. Luckily, the stone quarries are found all over the earth and those countries without can easily import. Since acquiring granites is not very hard, the cost transferred to the last buyer is not too high making the such surface materials affordable. The dry and compact nature of the stone also makes it suitable for such surfaces since...

  • The bowed psaltery is a musical instrument that is relatively recent in origination, although it has very distant historical cousins that disappeared from view many centuries ago. The form that uses the bow is related to violins and similar instruments, but the plucked form is more obvious in historical documents and images. The musical device is easy to transport and small to handle. It can be home constructed by relatively inexperienced musicians with a desire to own a musical device.

    Psalteries in the bowed form are different from the instrument by the similar name of plucked psalter. A bowed device similar to today's version has been compared to the violin zither. Other bowed devices from the 20th century include some sold for their similarity to Hawaiian music sounds. One brand name is the Ukelin. Some instruments which may have links to the modern bow performance device are the Orrota, bowed rote and Welsh crwth. A German schoolteacher may be the first to be officially recognized as the creator of the modern instrument.

    The standard shape is an isosceles triangle with a series of strings, each one extending a little farther than the previous one. Each string can be thus individually bowed. A chromatic psaltery has diatonic notes on one side and the flats and sharps on the other.

    The music is performed by drawing a small bow across the narrow end of the triangle and strings. Bows are shaped either in the older semicircular style or in the modern shape. Today's bow is ...

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