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Randy Margulis

Buffalo, New York, United States

Member since July 12, 2013

  • A divorcing couple with children might encounter a number of issues related to the care of their shared children that they are not able to resolve among themselves. In the state of New York, the court has the option to appoint a parenting coordinator to assist in this process. The parenting coordinator interviews, interacts with and observes both parents and children, then makes a recommendation to the court regarding time-sharing, custody and other child-centered issues.

    The parenting coordinator makes recommendations to the court based on observations in the following areas:

    Parent-child relationship – Including how each parent speaks to, disciplines, listens to and understands the individual needs of the child.
    Child’s ability to adjust – Including the child’s level of anxiety around transitions, change, and transportation between homes.
    Conditions in each partner's home – Including the general condition of the home, the child’s room, play area, access to outdoors or parks, presence of siblings or stepsiblings, proximity to school and friends.
    Child’s wishes – The parenting coordinator can consider the child’s wishes in recommending custody and time-sharing arrangements.
    Other specific factors – For example, if a child has special needs, the parenting coordinator's recommendation might reflect an assessment of each parent's ability to accommodate the child’s needs and each parent’s relationship to the child's caregivers.

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