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Kevin Reed



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    Hass and Associates Cyber Security

    Hvis vi krever endringer, vil store Tech fortsette å tjene på vår personlige opplysninger-med vår benighted tillatelse

    Som sikkerhet har ekspert Bruce Schneier (en venn) archly observert, "Overvåking er forretningsmodellen for Internett." Jeg forventer ikke å endre mindre og før eksterne realiteter tvinge en endring- og jeg er ikke holder pusten.

    I stedet synes deprimerende nyheter bare å bli verre. Google bekreftet denne uken hva mange hadde antatt: selv om du ikke er en Gmail-bruker, e-post til noen som bruker deres tjenester vil bli skannet av altseende søk og annonsering selskapets stadig smart maskiner. Selskapet oppdatert sine vilkår for tjenesten å lese:

    Vårt automatiske system analysere innholdet (inkludert e-post) for å gi deg personlig relevante produktfunksjoner, for eksempel tilpassede søkeresultater, tilpasset reklame, og spam og malware oppdagelsen. Denne analysen oppstår som innholdet er sendt, mottatt, og når den er lagret.

    Systemet gjøre ikke denne å din email når du sender meg en melding. Jeg betaler en web-hosting selskapet som holder meg email på en server som ikke er optimalisert for datainnsamling, analyse. Jeg vil bruke Gmail for meg email, hvis Google ville la meg betale for tjenesten som ikke "analysere (min) innhold" fra filtrere ut spam og malware. Google tilbyr ikke dette alternativet, så vidt jeg kan fortelle, og det er synd-hvis ikke, gitt sin innflytelse, en liten skanda...

  • Hass Associates: Phony Web Traffic Tricks

    Communication, Communication Design

    The website looks a lot like other amateur-video sites. It is wallpapered with clips featuring "the most insane amusement park ever" and "your girlfriend's six friends."

    The site draws tens of thousands of visitors a month, according to audience measurement firms. It also has ads for national brands, including Target Corp., Inc. and State Farm.

    But Web-security investigators at a firm called White Ops contend that most of the site's visitors aren't people. Rather, they are computer-generated visitors, or "bots," designed to fool advertisers into paying for the traffic, says White Ops, which has blacklisted the site—and thousands more like it—so that ads from clients such as Zipcar don't land there.

    An anonymous representative for Songsrpeople declined to discuss the site's traffic but in an email called the White Ops methodology into question.

    State Farm said it was looking into the matter while Target declined to comment and Amazon didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Authorities and Internet-security experts say tens of thousands of dubious websites are popping up across the Internet. Their phony Web traffic is often fueled by "botnets," zombie armies of hijacked PCs that are controlled from unknown locations around the world, according to Internet security experts.

    The sites take advantage of the simple truth that advertisers pay to be seen. This creates an incentive for fraudster...

  • Hass and Associates: Security on the Internet of Services

    Communication, Communication Design

    Book a flight online, perform an internet banking transaction or make an appointment with your doctor and, in the not-too-distant future, the 'Internet of Services' (IoS) will come into play. A paradigm shift in the way ICT systems and applications are designed, implemented, deployed and consumed, IoS promises many opportunities but also throws up big challenges - not least ensuring security and privacy, issues currently being tackled by EU-funded researchers.

    IoS is a vision of the future internet in which information, data and software applications - and the tools to develop them - are always accessible, whether locally stored on your own device, in the cloud, or arriving in real time from sensors. Whereas traditional software applications are designed largely to be used in isolation, IoS brings down the barriers, thereby lowering costs and stimulating innovation.

    Building on the success of cloud computing, IoS applications are built by composing services that are distributed over the network and aggregated and consumed at run-time in a demand-driven, flexible way. This new approach to software will make the development of applications and services easier - so that new and innovative services, not possible today, can be offered. It is likely to make a huge contribution to the EU's strategy to make Europe's software sector more competitive.

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    IoS services can be designed and implemented by producers, deployed by providers, aggregated by intermediarie...

  • Ruling seen Apple e-book warning to tech industry

    Communication, Communication Design

    The U.S. government’s victory over Apple in the e-books antitrust case sends a message to the tech industry, legal observers say: Even popular innovators can’t run roughshod over antitrust laws.

    In a court in New York, Apple had argued unsuccessfully that it was the classic outsider trying to break into and enliven what it saw as a stagnant digital books market dominated by

    But on Wednesday, a federal judge in New York rejected that view and evoked an earlier era of robber barons and monopolies, ruling that Apple had orchestrated a “horizontal price-fixing conspiracy” with five major publishers that resulted in increased digital book prices for consumers.

    The decision is “an important touchstone,” said Phil Weiser, dean of the University of Colorado Law School and a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s antitrust division. “At times, tech companies want to take the position that they are a fast-moving industry and antitrust law is not an effective means of oversight. There is no technology industry exception.” Apple immediately vowed to appeal the decision.

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