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Marjorie Tibbetts

Miami, FL, United States

Member since July 11, 2013

  • There are more elderly people than ever before, mainly because medical advances and lifestyle changes have seen to it that people can expect a longer life expectancy that ever before. In many cases these elderly people become unable to look after themselves. Unfortunately, many of them simply cannot depend upon loved ones to take them in and look after them. However, for the best in elder care New York offers older people many excellent options.

    Care for the elderly is best achieved at home and most experts agree on this point. It is only as a last resort that an institution should be considered. Many older people that have grown infirm can still take care of many of their own needs and all that is necessary is perhaps some part time assistance. In some cases an occasional visit by a nurse is all that it takes.

    Some older people treasure their independence and they do not want to live with relatives where they will have to fit into a strange household with its own dynamics and rules. They feel as if they are in the way and they do not want to upset the lives of their loved ones. In such cases they prefer facilities where they are cared for but where they are able to determine their own timetables and priorities.

    It is sad but unfortunately there are cases where institutionalizing an infirm relative is simply the only option. This is often the case when people are no longer able to clean themselves, to look after their own safety and to act responsibly. Some infirm people n...

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