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    1. The SEC probes JPMorgan amid allegations that it hired Chinese princelings. The U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has begun an investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase hired the children of senior Chinese officials to help secure business in a now-defunct program called “Sons and Daughters.” The scrutiny began in Hong Kong and now has spread through the bank’s Asia offices; the bank has flagged more than 200 hires for review. JPMorgan has not yet been accused of any illegal acts, but they might have violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which forbids granting personal favors to government officials in exchange for business. One example included the son of Tang Shuangning, chairman of a state-run financial conglomerate, who was hired and retained even after other employees questioned his financial expertise.

    2. Chinese government begins massive campaign against online “rumormongering.” The Chinese government wants citizens to adhere to the “seven base lines” of proper internet conduct and curb “rumormongering” online. After the Beijing Internet Conference last week, the government released “seven base lines“ for proper Internet conduct. State-run media has released a flurry of op-eds and run prime-time TV spots about the issue [links in Chinese]. Multiple people have been arrested for spreading rumors through microblogging accounts, and yesterday, twenty-seven people were arrested for operating 312 microbloggi...

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    Mies, joka auttoi push Kiina metallin kierrätys selvitystilaan Glaukoksen tutkimusryhmä Soren Aandahl kertoo FinanceAsia, miten hän haistaa ulos petosten ja jossa hän etsii hänen seuraava kohde.

    Manner-Kiinan yritykset listalle Hongkongissa merkitty heinäkuussa etsiä 1900 juhlavuoden asettaa kostutetulla tuoreista väitteistä.

    US tutkimusryhmä Glaukoksen sanoo valmisteleminen julkistaa omistajaohjausta puutteita mannerkiinalaisten yritysten lueteltu Hongkongin kuin Singapore ja haluavat hyötyä myöhemmin lasku niiden osakekurssit.

    Glaukoksen tunnetaan parhaiten paljastamiseksi laajasta petoksesta Kiina metallin kierrätys tiloilta. Kalifornian pääkonttori tutkimus boutique raportti johti Hongkongin taloudellista vahtikoira keskeyttäneen tammikuussa metalliromun kauppiaan osakkeiden kaupan selvitysmenettelyissä heinäkuun alusta.

    Välin mukaan paikallisten tiedotusvälineiden puheenjohtaja Chun Chi Wai pidätettiin maanantaina. Hong Kong-poliisi vain vahvistettaisiin tiistaina 47-vuotiaan miehen sukunimi Chun oli pidätetty epäiltynä taloudellisten tietojen väärentämisestä määrätty.

    Glaukoksen nyt suitsimaan petosten muissa yrityksissä, Hongkong ja Singapore. "Olemme melko paljon pitkin pari ideoita" Soren Aandahl, johtaja tutkimuksen Glaukoksen tutkimusryhmän, kertoi Finance Asia. Tiedot


    The Haney Group comments advising investors of the recent shale gas finding in the United Kingdom with estimates doubling in the north of England.

    Hong Kong,July 17,2013/ -- The Haney Group a boutique equity research and management firm based in Hong Kong founded by a diverse private wealth consortium of financial professionals, with a combined knowledge of the stock markets, tax legislation, legal compliance and market analysis. Priding themselves in giving the very best service to their institutional investors, high net worth individuals and private investors today commented on the new findings at shale gas fields in the United Kingdom.

    The United Kingdom government is looking to replicate recent U.S. shale exploration figures that ignited a stimulus, cutting energy costs and boosting the economy. The U.K. has announced that their fields of shale gas in northern England are over double the size they had previously estimated, giving the country the capabilities to spur economic growth and replenish its depleted North Sea deposits, cutting energy imports.

    “The next step for industry is to establish how much gas is technically and commercially recoverable,” Energy Minister Michael Fallon said in a statement. “We welcome the commitments from industry on community benefits. This will provide a welcome boost for communities who will host sh...

  • China, local leaders threaten Hong Kong press freedom

    Communication, Communication Design

    A defaced picture of Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is displayed during an annual pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on July 1.(AP/Vincent Yu)

    In "Dark Clouds on the Horizon," the Hong Kong Journalists Association's latest annual report, the group warns that China is tightening its grip over Hong Kong media. The findings come at a time when attacks on a pro-democracy media group, Next Media, have raised fears of aggression against news outlets known for being critical of China.

    The report finds that press freedom in the territory of Hong Kong--which was granted the right to manage its domestic affairs under a "one country, two systems" framework when China took back control from the British in 1997--is under assault both from the local government and from Beijing.

    Locally, Hong Kong's government has proposed or passed laws that would restrict reporting activities. The vague wording of recent amendments to the city's privacy law could subject journalists to five years in jail or fines up to 1 million Hong Kong dollars (US$129,000) if they reveal information that "causes psychological harm" or "causes loss." The government has also proposed new rules that would bar the public from accessing the residential addresses and identification card numbers of company directors, which could prevent journalists from uncovering wrongdoing and corru...