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Evan Michel


Designer (Furniture Design)

Member since July 10, 2013

  • Only the Best in Life: Choosing Quality Linens

    Communication, Industrial Design


    There's something amazing about climbing into a freshly made bed at night, with comfortable sheets and blankets to keep you nice and warm on those chilly winter evenings. I love winter more than summer, as I would much rather snuggle up under a blanket than sweat all night long.

    If you really want to sleep well, your Essentia mattress needs the perfect covering: a god pair of linens. With the right bedding, your bed can transform into the magical paradise that you just can't climb out of come morning. Finding the right linens can be a challenge, so here are some tips to help you choose only the best for your bed:

    Sateen is smooth -- Sick and tired of having to iron those wrinkles out of your linens each time you run them through the wash? With sateen, you can kiss the ironing goodbye. It is much less likely to wrinkle than other fabrics - such as percale - and it is a silky material that feels soft and smooth under your skin. You have to be very careful if you ever iron the sheets, though, as the material just isn't very durable. It's wise to cool dry the linens, and smooth them out before folding them for storage.

    Plain weaves are crisp -- If you love the crisp feeling of fresh sheets under your body, select a plain weave fabric like percale, voile, or cambric. They are more likely to wrinkle, but they are durable and feel fantastic when you spread them over your bed fresh from the dryer.

    Cotton flannel is warm -- For those who need to stay warm at night - even during the heat of summer - cotton flannel sheets will be the warmer choice. The material holds the heat in better, and will be very unlikely to wrinkle. Jersey bed linens will be just as good.

    Go Eco-friendly -- If your skin is sensitive and prone to outbreaks of rashes and skin problems, you will definitely want to consider organic sheets (the sheets made by Essentia are quite excellent). They are free of substances that can cause negative skin reactions, and they'll be easier on your skin.

    Deal with body heat -- If you're sensitive to temperature at night, finding the right fabric can be tough. Silk sheets will be quite good at keeping the warmth trapped around your body during the winter, but they're not as good during the summer. Linen helps to pull the summer heat away from your body, but won't be as good during the colder winter. Rayon that is made using bamboo is breathable, and will help to wick away summer sweat. It can also keep you nice and warm during winter.

    Avoid wrinkles with the right finish -- If you want to avoid wrinkles forever, find a pair of sheets that has a wrinkle-resistant finish. This finish will prevent the sheets from wrinkling - no matter what the material.

    Use these tips above to help you buy the perfect pair of sheets for your bed!

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