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Franny Patterson

Vaughan, ON, Canada

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  • 10 Ways to Remodel Your Bath Space – Great Trendy Looks

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    Many homeowners are looking for ways to remodel their bath spaces. This can be a project for the master bath or any bathroom in the home. It is possible to change the look and style of all of these spaces in your house. There are great trendy looks for these projects and beautiful products on the market. It doesn’t matter what your budget is for this work.

    You can find items that will help you to remodel bath spaces that are reasonably priced. Department stores offer customers many items for these projects. Specialty stores that focus on bath décor are another option for this work. Using tips to take advantage of your bath spaces are useful. They can help you to utilize existing furnishings and to accent the room.

    Some homeowners will choose classic bathroom décor for their remodel projects. These are tubs, sinks and vanities that have traditional style. There are contemporary items for remodeling too. Versatile bath spaces can incorporate various styles into one space. Let’s take a look at 10 Ways to Remodel Your Bath Space.

    10 – A New Bath Vanity

    There are many great bathroom vanities Toronto styles to choose from. This piece of bath décor is often the central point in the room. Some styles have mirrors that are made into the design. There are other vanities that have separate mirrors. Contemporary vanities can have mirrors that look like flat screen televisions. Traditional styles can be round, square or rectangular. Vanities include sinks, countertops and often cabinet space. Wood types can make a difference in the display of these pieces. Espresso wood or creamy shades add to the overall space.

    9 – Change Décor Details

    Every bathroom has its own set of décor details. These may include pieces of artwork. Depending on the size of the space, you can add large or small pieces. Art canvas or frames styles can add color and character to this area. Hardware items like towel racks are very important. Brass racks for towels or face cloths are stunning. Sterling silver, bronze and other displays can add to the bath. Many bath stores have these décor details.

    8 – Modern Sink Styles

    There are a number of things to consider when selecting a new sink for your bath space. Modern sink styles come in a variety of products. There are round, oval and square shaped sinks to choose from. These sinks are made from various components. You can add a marble sink to your powder room. Pedestal sinks are great for small baths. Dual sink styles are terrific for shared bathrooms. It is possible to find colored sinks for these spaces.

    7 – Rug Accents

    The right rug selection can add a lot to any bath space. Shag rugs, oriental rugs and modern weaving rugs are great accents to these spaces. Not only do rugs add shape and character to the bath. These pieces can also add color to the bathroom. Floral prints, contemporary graphics and other artistic displays are seen in rug designs.

    6 – Add Shower Doors

    Shower doors can be what you need to remodel your bath. These additions make a big difference from the basic shower curtain look. There are dual-door and single-door products on the market. You may want to determine how much space you will need in your bathroom. Sliding glass doors can be stunning in this space. Frosted glass and decorative designs are nice, as well for remodeling projects.

    5 – Compliment with Cabinets

    Cabinets are important additions to the bath space. These pieces can complement existing furnishings with texture. Wooden cabinets are some of the most popular. There are 2-door and 1-door products in this category. Tall, medium and large cabinets work well in individual bath spaces. Shelving options can be considered with these pieces. Standing cabinets in espresso, cinnamon and chocolate are great colors. Mounted cabinets with mirrors can compliment powder rooms and larger baths.

    4 – Toilet Styles

    Traditional toilet styles are round and oval shapes. Some of the contemporary looks include square shapes and tops. There are colored porcelain products to choose from. These are great for accenting your décor and furnishings. Cream, mint, lemon and brown are available for many toilet designs. Special orders for unique designs and colors can be found from bath store suppliers.

    3 – Chic Countertop Options

    Marble, granite and porcelain countertops are fine choices for remodeling projects. Counters are normally seen with vanities or sink products. You can opt to add these to your bath space. It is also possible to add countertops of various shapes and colors. Natural stone that is scratch resistant are modern offerings in this category.

    2 – Shower Enclosures

    There are various styles of shower enclosures to choose from. Round enclosures are eye-catching and modernize the room. Square and rectangular enclosures are unique, as well. Some homeowners want to completely separate shower and tub. These pieces can do this in a creative way. Full-length or half-length glass enclosures are available. You can use these selections for the other baths in your home.

    1 – Illuminate with Lights

    The lighting of a bathroom makes all of the difference. Fixtures placed in the ceiling can target specific areas. You can add stand-alone lamps to your bath space. Countertop lamps are available for remodeling projects. Frosted glass shades or fabric shades are used in these rooms. Dim lighting can be achieved with the right pieces. Brighter options can be used to illuminate your bathroom space. Recess lighting is another option for these areas.

    Toronto residents have many options when it comes to remodeling their bathrooms. There are terrific stores that supply the products that you need. You can purchase modern décor and furnishings for your master bath. You may even choose to find items that extend the space in smaller baths. Combining accent pieces, like mirrors and towel racks is a good way to personalize a space. When you buy the right items you can completely change the look of your bath spaces.

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