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lindsay white

ashburn, virginia, United States


Member since July 02, 2013

  • JB HI-FI Breaking Out – Share To Buy

    Community, Environmental Design

    JB Hi-Fi (JBH) is a chain of electrical stores, selling leading brands of hi-fi, speakers, televisions, DVDs, cameras, car sound, home theatre, computers, white goods, portable audio and a variety of music, games and movies.

    The company has been able to grow its sales over the last 5 years in what can only be described as one of the most difficult trading conditions for retailers in over 20 years.

    JBH’s strategies for growth are simple: increase the number of stores, increase sales, and through that, increase profit. JBH’s expansion is not only in the Australian market, but also in New Zealand. Since entering the New Zealand market in early 2007, it has opened 13 stores.

    Margin growth and consumer optimism

    JBH’s 1H13 results impressed on several fronts, with sales revenue reaching $1.3 billion, 3.1% higher than the 1H12 result. Its net profit climbed to $82.1 million, a 3% improvement compared to the prior corresponding half.

    JBH’s most surprising result was its gross margin, which increased by 28 basis points. This was a very impressive result considering that the gross margin of its competitor, Harvey Norman, fell by 260 basis points over the same period.

    We think that the operating environment for retailers is looking more optimistic, with the Westpac Consumer Sentiment Index returning to a reading of over 100 in the last survey.

    In its latest reading, the consumer...

  • Gold-coins_177_

    In recent years, many investors have complained of gold and precious metals investment scams, and many of those complaints have centered on gold coin investments. While not every gold investment product is a scam, it is important to be vigilant in doing background research and be on the lookout for the common warning signs of fraud.

    If you are thinking about investing in gold coins, here are a few tips for avoiding gold coin investment fraud:

    • If you are investing in gold coins, understand that they must be stored and some con artists will offer to “store” them for you (while pocketing your cash for non-existent coins) or charge outrageous “storage fees.”

    • If you’re promised low risks and high returns on gold coins, realize that some “proof” of past performance can be misleading, and it’s critical to be skeptical of offers that are too good to be true.

    • If you feel pressured or harassed to buy, proceed with caution, sleep on it, and do extensive background research before deciding to invest. Remember that no legitimate professional should ever use high-pressure tactics to talk you into an investment.

    • Not all gold coins are equal in value, and some con artists may even try to sell you fake or non-existent coins. It’s important to be prepared to check it out with a third-party appraiser of your choosing—and to be suspicious if a seller refuses an in...

  • Roubini Still Sees $1,000 Gold

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Economist Nouriel Roubini, who in 2005 warned of the US housing collapse, said Monday gold prices could fall toward $1,000 an ounce by 2015.

    The cofounder and chairman of Roubini Global Economics, also known as Dr. Doom, told Index Universe the recent rebound in gold is only transitory. He estimates that from current levels, bullion prices may see another 25% to 30% correction.

    Among the reasons Roubini quotes for saying the gold bubble has burst is the way they tend to spike when there are serious economic, financial and geopolitical risks in the global economy.

    He also believes gold performs best when there is a risk of high inflation, as its popularity as a store of value increases.

    Along with most analysts, Roubini will watch closely this week’s US Federal Open Market Committee meeting, as an official announcement of stimulus tapering would likely drive gold prices lower.

    Gold futures climbed Monday for the second time in three sessions on signs of increased physical purchases.

  • Finally, A Reason To Buy Gold Miners

    Community, Environmental Design

    A strange thing occurred at 2:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday. While the price of the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (GLD) continued its free-fall, curiously the price of the Gold Miners ETF (GDX) jumped on high volume, adding 2.5% for the day. My first reaction was that the abnormal divergence between the spot cost of the metal from the price of miners' shares must be due to some kind of quarter-end portfolio rebalancing. Upon further review of the day's news, I think the miners' revival may be the result of another impetus, which may continue to contribute support to miner stocks.

    As the market opened, it appeared that gold was due for a "dead cat bounce" from drastic losses earlier in the week, and the Miners rebounded with the metal. However, by 1:00 PM, GLD had given back the gains and the miners were pulling back as would be expected. Near 2:00 PM a story was circulating on the newswire that the World Gold Council had issued new guidelines for analyzing gold mining companies.

    The WGC distributed "a Guidance Note on 'all-in sustaining costs' and 'all-in costs' metrics, which gold mining companies can use to report their costs as part of their overall reporting disclosure.

    The World Gold Council has worked closely with its member companies to develop these non-GAAP measures which are intended to provide further transparency into the costs associated with producing gold."


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