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Woo Group

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore


Member since July 02, 2013

  • The Woo Group Predicts A Bullish Year For Titanium

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    The_woo_group_177_ Hong Kong based equity researcher The Woo Group is predicting titanium to perform well over the coming12 months. July 12, 2013 - HONG KONG -- The Woo Group expects worldwide investment demand for titanium to reach a value of four billion dollars in 2013. A report released by The Woo Group today forecasts that titanium’s spot price will reach another historical high in 2014. Titanium´s rise in value can be linked to the recent pick-up of the aerospace industry. Manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus are creating a lot of demand for the light weight flexible metal. Over ten million dollars in titanium are used to produce a single airliner. The Woo Group’s own Head of Investment Analysis, Dr Lian Cheung, has a lot of confidence in the plan, “Gold was a bubble, and it has burst. It is time to invest in a new material that has applications across a number of fields, such as medical technology, nuclear power plants, oil and gas drilling, not to mention the aerospace industry. Titanium, unlike gold, is also highly resistant to fluctuations in currency values because the projects that it is used for are generally quite expensive to start with.” Chief Executive Officer at The Woo Group Mr Jason Woo said “We are currently looking at a plethora of titanium producing companies for potential investment, and given the current demand for the metal we foresee the sector performing well, and certainly we will identify those most undervalued producers to capitalise on the market trend...
  • The Woo Group Confident On Asian Markets

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    Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jason Woo at Hong Kong based equity researcher The Woo Group claims the company will focus on the positive Japanese markets off the back off positive retail and industrial data.

    Jun. 28, 2013 - HONG KONG -- The Woo Group client base is principally based in Europe and Asia, but the company’s analysts are commissioned to review equities on the global stock exchanges, including the US markets.

    However, Chief Executive Officer at The Woo Group Mr. Jason Woo claims, the “there are simply more opportunities to be found in Europe and Asia at this time, and the growth we are seeing is not being matched in the United States. Today’s green arrows on the Asian markets reflect investors’ positive perception of the Asian economies, particularly the Japanese NIKKEI, where a correction has been observed recently”.

    Chairman at The Woo Group Mr. Jon Woo said “The positive movement seen today on the Asian Exchanges created by greater than estimated industrial production and retail sales in May, will renew confidence in Japan where investors must see value.“ Improving conditions in the US markets too have contributed to the Japan upbeat Japanese economic news and many investors will now likely be awaiting Monday’s central bank survey, expecting to see that despite the Japanese market turbulence, investor confidence remains high.

    “Whilst government stimulus spending continues, we expect the mood will remain positive in Japan” said Chief Executiv...

  • The Woo Group Reports Record First Quarter Earnings

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    Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jason Woo at Hong Kong based equity researcher The Woo Group today announced first quarter earnings that exceeded all previous quarters in the company’s history.

    Jun. 20, 2013 -- HONG KONG -- The Woo Group which was formed in 2002 by brothers Jon and Jason Woo has seen decade of mainly consistent growth since its formation, but according to Chief Executive Officer Jason Woo the company is going through a “period of exponential growth” and has seen earnings in the first quarter of 2013 almost double based on those earnings reported in the same period in 2012.

    “This is excellent news for The Woo Group, and not only in respects to our generated revenue. It reflects our diligence and efficacy and I believe will only add momentum to our already rapidly growing client base” commented Jon Woo, Chairman of the board of directors.

    The Woo Group’s income is primarily derived from the collation of stock market data and the subsequent compilation of reports on those stocks the company is commissioned to review. However The Woo Group also provides a range of other services to both institutional and private investors. The increase in the Company’s quarterly earnings has been largely attributed to the tremendous increase in corporate contracts signed over the past 12 months with major brokerages and investment banks in Hong Kong where The Woo Group is located, and the income derived from these research commissions.

    The Company’s private investm...

  • Dr Lian Cheung today signed a 5 year contract with The Woo Group to serve as Head of Investment Analysis for the company’s European equity department.

    Jun. 13, 2013 - HONG KONG -- Dr Cheung (46) began his career in the financial industry immediately following his graduation from the School of Finance and Economics at the Hong Kong University in the early 1980’s when he obtained an undergraduate degree and a doctorate in Finance and Economics. His early days in the industry were spent working for China Merchant Securities, and CCB International Securities.

    As Head of Investment Analysis at The Woo Group Dr Cheung's role will involve the management of a large team of investment analysts developing strategic financial support for The Woo Group and its global client base. According to Dr Cheung, this 5 year contract will see him through to his retirement as he aims to retire at 51 years of age.

    In addition Dr Cheung will be responsible for supporting his team through strategic planning processes and supporting the development and modelling of strategic initiatives, as well as interpreting and driving investment performance through analysis and insight, and educating and training others in financial best practice.

    Commenting on his own appointment Dr Cheung said “The Woo Group is I believe the ideal environment me. I’m thrilled to have been appointed to this position within the company, and I look forward to commencing in my new role in August.” Dr Cheung’s start date ...