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  • Environmental Overkill

    Environment, Environmental Design

    I haven't supported so-called "environmental groups" for years; that's because they're moremental than environ. They conveniently ignore the fact that poverty is the root cause of environmental damage. They rant about the damage caused over a hundred years ago in America, yet believe that we should all be forced to return to the sort of life that precipitated such damage. That's mental, as in nuts. Because only when a people become wealthy do they have the luxury of caring about the environment - and the means to remediate some of the damage of the past. And that is why, to the extent that conservatives want everyone to have the opportunity to succeed, they are the true environmentalists. It's why Obama's War on Coal, and his unrelenting efforts to drive up energy costs, are doomed to failure. And it's why, contrary to his Grand Vision, he will never Save The Planet™ by targeting Americans for increased poverty. Over at Watts Up With That, there's a piece by Willis Eschenbach that describes in very personal terms some of the factors contributing to ecosystem destruction. And here, too, it's demonstrated that the defining characteristic of said destruction is poverty. Figure 1. Border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Guess which country contains eco-criminals that can afford to use fossil fuels, and which country contains nature-lovers who are dependent on natural renewable organic biomass for energy … The above is an extract from his post, starkly demonstr...