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Aaron LeVaugh


Member since June 26, 2013

  • Infrastructure fuels warming, Jakarta management fraud watch solutions, CROWN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GROUP | Dailystrenght

    Scientist’s state CO2 causes climate change, but the government approach is a political/financial green-energy scam destroying the ecosystem, increasing costs for consumers, cutting jobs and destroying the earth's ability to cleanse the atmosphere of "greenhouse" gases as the government continues to issue building permits which destroy the ecosystem. Photosynthesis converts CO2 to O2 plus carbon, sugars and also cooling condensation.

    The current policy of unlimited building permits destroys the environment, including green plants. Environmentalists warned in the ‘80s the destruction of the rain forests/environment would create major environmental damage as countries destroy trees, fill in wetlands for construction and asphalt the countryside. As we increase CO2 by destroying the earth's ability to break down "greenhouse gases," our government brags about new building permits?

    Warming increases as asphalt and cement absorbs heat faster and holds heat longer than soil, creating a warming atmosphere as population increases, civilization modernizes, green plants are destroyed, building permits increase -- which explains the warming climate. Technically, increasing CO2 should have a corresponding increase in green plants/photosynthesis as in previous warming periods, but the destruction of the environment prevents this.

    Obama's environm...

Aaron LeVaugh

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