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Maria Lee



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  • Consumer: Warning issued on free online trials

    Community, Communication Design


    Complaints are soaring over so-called ‘free trials’ on websites. Laura Bowyer reports.

    The chances are if something looks too good to be true then it probably is. But so-called free offers are proving to be costly mistakes for internet shoppers.

    That’s the warning issued by West Yorkshire Trading Standards.

    The watchdog has received a large number of complaints from internet shoppers who have been tempted by online “free trials”.

    Whether it’s beauty treatments, slimming products or health products, shoppers believe they are bagging so-called “free” products when visiting certain websites.

    The lure of a free product often sees consumers entering their bank details into websites to pay a small fee for postage and packing for what they perceive to be a bargain buy.

    But shoppers are finding themselves in for a surprise after unwittingly entering into a monthly subscription contract.

    It isn’t until consumers scan through their bank statements that they have discover larger amounts of cash are being withdrawn from their accounts without their knowledge.

    West Yorkshire Trading Standards says that some consumers are forking out nearly £70 per month for a service they are not fully aware of.

    What these shoppers didn’t realise was that hidden in the terms and conditions of the website they had unwittingly agreed to a monthly subscription contract...

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