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Maurice Brett

United States


Member since June 20, 2013

  • Recent London School of Business Study Validates the Concept behind Crown Alliance’s Business Model

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Crown Alliance Capital (OTCBB: CACL) a senior life settlement company was pleased to see the recent report done by The London School of Business for Coventry confirming the benefits for both policy owners and investors of the new secondary market for life Insurance Policies, confirming the validity of Crown Alliance’s basic business model in the Life Settlement Market. The study also renders support to the belief that life settlements are a responsible way to benefit not only the original policy holders, but also investors in this uncorrelated asset class. The study showed that policy owners in the sample received as a group $3.11 billion in the sale of their policies. This was 4 times the amount that would have been received than if the policies had been surrendered to the insurance company. The policies had a total benefit upon maturity of approximately $24 billion US Dollars. Thus, the life settlement process has proven to be a huge benefit to both policy holders and investors alike.

    Lorraine Fusco, CEO of Crown Alliance Capital said: “With increased regulation, stringent guidelines and new mortality tables, the market is set to show steady positive growth. This study validates our belief that we offer a secure investment and an uncorrelated rate of return.”

    Crown Alliance is a senior life settlement company focusing on polices that will render an IRR of at least 14%.

    Mrs. Fusco explained further: ” we continue to move forward on the completion of our due diligence process on the purchase of a $50 million face value portfolio. This custom built portfolio is the next step in our plan to ensure the best and most stable return possible for our shareholders.”

    About Crown Alliance Capital Limited Crown Alliance Capital Limited (OTCBB: CACL) is a publicly reporting Corporation, formed in March of 2010 with the intention of acquiring senior life settlement policies. The company targets and acquires mainly universal life insurance policies that are no longer desired by individuals in order to build a large portfolio of policies that meet a rigid selection process. By becoming the owner/beneficiary of the policies and maintaining the premiums, Crown is able to obtain a substantial return on investment when each death benefit is ultimately paid.


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