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Queen Smithson

United States

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  • 0000236084_resized_emfuelpumpedintoacustomerstank_177_ Environmental technology company Nano Bubble Technologies (NBT) says its emulsion fuels offer the boiler industry environmental and economic benefits.

    NBT points out that a feature common to emulsion fuels is that they can be used with minimal service and maintenance requirements in boiler plants.

    The company offers stable and cost-effec-tive fuel emulsions. The production of these emulsions involves the use of chemical additives, a mechanical blending process and technical know-how, ensuring that the emul- sions are stable throughout the working temperature and pressure range. The benefits of using emulsified fuels are derived only if the emulsified fuel remains stable immediately prior to combustion. NBT’s technologies reli- ably produces stable emulsified fuels of consis-tent quality and standard, says the company.

    “Emulsions are inherently unstable. Over time, they will separate into the stable states of the dispersed and continuous-phase materials. “To maintain the composition of an emulsion, surface-active agents, or ‘surfactants’, are incorporated into the production of an oil-phased emulsion. In an oil-phased emulsion, these surfactant agents encase the droplets of water distributed throughout the continuous oil phase and prevent the water droplets from joining and coalescing,” says NBT depot sales manager Karl Henriksen.

    NBT’s prop...