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Jason Lara

United States

Member since June 18, 2013


    Community, Communication Design

    There is another reason to get sprinkler system repair, and we’ll give you a clue: you probably send them a check every month. That’s right your Homeowner’s Association.


    Love them or hate them, homeowner’s associations are all over the US. One of the rules that many HOAs universally seem to have is upkeep of your property. If you have a broken sprinkler, it may be tempting to just let it slide a while. That is until you get that lovely note from your HOA in your mailbox, and you start down a slippery slope.

    Why? Well, a broken sprinkler system floods, and usually floods places that are the most vulnerable, the most likely to make a mess, and the places most likely to be visible, in this case, your front yard. A couple of times, your homeowner’s association won’t notice, but if mud starts building up, or your neighbors complain, you could find yourself facing the board, and having to fix the problem on their terms, which are usually more expensive.

    Calling a Sprinkler Repair Service Helps to Save Time and Money Calling in a sprinkler repair service should be your first step, once you’ve detected the damage. Why? Well, unless you know full well what you’re doing, you could end up making the problem worse. Let’s say it’s a busted sprinkler head. You say, “I’ve got this.” So you go to the home improvement store closest to you and find the sprinkler system aisle. And then your eyes glaze at the bewilder...

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