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Harver Group

Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower, 26th Floor, 1-1, 2 Nihombashi-Muromachi Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Member since June 17, 2013

  • Harver_group_177_ At Harver Group´s annual awards dinner last weekend, Senior Analyst Mr. Martin Owen received the Company’s highest honor; The Lifetime Achievement Award. Jul. 11, 2013 - CHUO-KU, Japan -- "We here at Harver Group are tremendously proud of Martin Owen, he joined Harver Group at its inception 10 years ago and since then, he has continually been a beacon of integrity and hard work. He has always put the clients first and constantly provided them with the most accurate information," said Director and founding co-partner Mr. Koji Masuto during his introductory speech at the company´s awards dinner. Later Mr. Martin Owen took the stage and gave a heartfelt acceptance speech, "I´m so honored to know that all the hard work and long hours I´ve put in over the years have not gone unnoticed, not only by the management at Harver Group but by our clients as well. It would not have been possible for me to have had the illustrious career that I´ve had without the aid of my fantastic staff and management. I am sure the tradition of integrity that I have helped to cultivate here will continue long after I retire next year." Mr. Owen, originally from Chicago, IL attended Notre Dame near the city of South Bend, Indiana, where he completed both his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. After graduating, he was immediately hired by a New York brokerage firm, and after trading on Wall Street for fifteen years, Mr. Owen relocated to London. While working in the United ...
  • Harver_group_177_ Mr. Koji Masuto at Harver Group in Tokyo will insist that the Company continues to invest in Asian equity this week as the Japanese markets look strong on US job markets and seem to have escaped the correction period. *Jul. 05, 2013 - *CHUO-KU, Japan -- Director Mr. Koji Masuto at Harver Group today said the majority of analysts at the Company are expecting the Asian equity markets to perform particularly well over the next 2 quarters, especially in Tokyo where after a long period of growth the markets have over recent months seen a period of turbulence following disappointing economic data in China and the US which prompted huge sell offs in May. In a single day in May over 7 per cent was wiped off the NIKKEI, the largest decline since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March, 2011 as investors rushed to sell, sending the Japanese markets into panic. In July however Director Mr. Koji Masuto at Harver Group believes the Japanese economy has passed through all turbulence, and he today reassured staff “following two consecutive weeks of growth in Japan we look strong; the dollar is forecast to strengthen, the European Central Bank is expected to keep interest rates low, and US employment figures next week are forecast to be greatly improved. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose almost 1 per cent this week reinforcing investor confidence and adding to the growing momentum in investment in Japanese equity”. Director and Senior Partner Mr. James Aiguo commented on Mr. Masuto’s a...
  • Harver_group_177_ Harver Group is to sending a delegation including CFO Mr. Masaaki Hisashi and Director of Investments Ms. Anita Schultz to attend the Asian Finance Association (AsFA) Annual Conference next week. July 12, 2013 - CHUO-KU, Japan -- The Annual 2013 conference of the Asian Finance Association (AsFA) will take place next week from July 15th-17th and will be hosted by the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Mr. Masaaki Hisashi, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Investments, Ms. Anita Schultz, along with a group of junior staff members will be attending the upcoming meeting. A wide range of financial topics will be discussed but the conference will be focusing on China´s role in global finance. “Attendance at this conference gives Harver Group’s senior staff members the advantage over the competition” said Director and founding partner Mr. Koji Masuto, “knowledge and networking is the key to success in this industry.” "The Asian Finance Association conferences are always extremely interesting and informative. This will be my third time attending the conference. I´m glad that this year we´re bring along some junior members of staff; they should really benefit from the workshops where they can discuss their work with peers,” said Chief Financial Officer Mr. Masaaki Hisashi, in an interview yesterday. Director of Investments, Ms. Anita Schultz commented, “One of the most beneficial aspects of the conference is getting to hear the perspective of academics. A...
  • Harver Group to Host Open Day at Hong Kong Branch

    Community, Communication Design

    Founding partners at Harver Group Mr. Koji Masuto and Mr James Aiguo today announced Harver Group is to hold a public open day in Hong Kong upon the opening of its new office in early 2014.

    Jun. 24, 2013 -- CHUO-KU, Japan -- According to founder and Director Mr. Koji Masuto, the open day will provide an opportunity for the trading community to gain a working knowledge of the procedures employed by Harver Group in assessing and comparing investment instruments, including pre-IPO’s and trading stocks.

    The planned open day will provide a glimpse at behind the scenes in a state of the art equity research house, where 8 of Harver Group’s known analysts will each select one stock from Harver Group’s 2011-2012, 24 month hold selections, and present not only the data that led to the selection of that stock but also the process that facilitated the data collection.

    Mr. James Aiguo who co-founded Harver Group in 2003 commented “Representatives of the major trading financial institutions in Hong Kong will be invited to attend our open day next year, when we hope to obtain many new contracts and significantly boost Harver Group’s immediate income from the new branch”

    With Harver Group’s Hong Kong branch now scheduled to open in early 2014, the Company is currently in the process of recruiting 80 new stock market analysts, to retain whom it will need to considerably increase its Hong Kong client base. However according to Director Mr. Koji Masuto this will be swiftly real...

  • Harver Group’s Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions Mr Peter Williams, who will be managing the 2014 opening of Harver Group’s Hong Kong branch today made a public appeal for market analyst applications.

    Jun. 14, 2013 - CHUO-KU, Japan -- In the run up to the opening of the Hong Kong branch scheduled for early 2014, Harver Group will now seek to employ up to 80 analysts, and possibly many more across the course of 2014 depending on the number of new contracts signed with research clients in Hong Kong over the next 6 months.

    Mr. Stephen Rogers, Harver Group’s Director of Private Equity said “naturally we’re looking initially to target locally based Hong Kong brokerages and obtain as much of that market share as we possibly can, and we will therefore need to have a strong, experienced workforce in place prior to our opening next year”. Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Harver Group, Mr. Peter Williams said “Whilst many other major equity research houses have struggled over recent months, Harver Group has obtained several sizeable corporate contracts which will give the company a solid income over the next 24 months. Still this is an enormous step for Harver Group, but it is something that has been in the pipeline for quite some time, so it is of course essential that we plan and prepare and that those analysts who are to move from Tokyo to Hong Kong experience a smooth transition, and are then well supported by those new recruits that we are...

  • Japanese Equity researcher, Harver Group has today announced plans to make significant investments within the Japanese markets off the back of the weak Yen which has fallen to a 3 year low.

    CHUO-KU, Japan -- According to Mr Nathan Bradley, Head of Investment Analysis at Harver Group the Yen has declined against 13/16 major currencies following the announcement of a greater than expected trade deficit in April, leaving the currency at its 3 year low; however Mr Bradley insists this is an opportunity to be capitalised upon rather than a cue for international investors to minimise exposure to Japan financial instruments, and further states that Harver Group will therefore be making significant investments in the Japanese markets.

    Joseph Anderson Jnr, Head of Principle Investments at Harver Group, said “the decline of the Japanese Yen to its 3 year low against its global peer currencies will give rise to instability concerns in the minds of many investors, but we believe the Yen is massively undervalued, meaning those cheap stocks on the NIKKEI are cheaper still for foreign investors, and therefore Harver Group clients are being advised to capitalise on the trend at this time”.

    Stephen Rogers, Harver Group’s Director of Private Equity also gave comment on the announcement saying “Japan must do something about this widening trade deficit, and in this case the Bank of Japanfailing to manage expectations has only exacerbated the problem”. Currently at 102.97 to the US dollar,...

  • Japanese stock market research agency Harver Group today announced the appointment of Mr Stephen Rogers as an Executive Director on the company’s Board of Directors.

    May 12, 2013 - CHUO-KU, Japan -- Spokesperson Mr Peter Williams at the Tokyo based investment research firm Harver Group this morning announced at an investor meeting, that Mr Stephen Rogers, who currently serves with Harver Group as the Director of Private Equity, will as of today also serve as an Executive on the company’s board of directors. His newly undertaken role will see Mr Rogers contribute to board room policy making, corporate governance and other compliance related matters.

    Mr Rogers who graduated from the Oxford University in the United Kingdom, before returning to study at the London School Of Economics, and finally beginning his career within the UK banking industry. He has worked with Harver Group for almost 10 years now, and his appointment to the board of directors reflects those years of loyal service, his technical expertise, and his excellent performance within the markets over that period.

    Mr Nathan Bradley, Head of Investment Analysis at Harver Group said “I’ve personally worked with Stephen for many years, and he has outperformed the markets and his competitor’s year in year out, so I can think of no one who deserves the appointment more than he does.”

    Despite his appointment to this new position, Mr Rogers will continue to work in his current role as Director of Private ...