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Jerry Roque

United States

Member since June 17, 2013

  • Hot Tubs Around the World

    Community, Industrial Design

    Hot tubs are used all over the world. Nicer resorts in far flung corners of the world have them as part of their swimming pool areas. What may surprise you about tubs is that they’re often used in surprising ways.

    Hot Tubs for Business

    People think of hot tubs as places for relaxation, or of intimacy for couples. Yet it may surprise you to know that in some cases, business is conducted while soaking in a tub. In Japan for example, Japanese businessmen often conduct business while they’re in the hot tub. Many a multi-million dollar deal has been struck in the steam and foam.

    In Russia, home of the biggest population of billionaires, there are exclusive clubs designed for facilitating business arrangements, and you guessed it, a lot of transactions take place while soaking in hot tubs. In some cases they even use waterproof tablet computers, if you can imagine that. Many bankers in Italy have also been made aware of investment opportunities throughout the world while relaxing. As to why business is often conducted in a spa, that’s actually fairly simple if you think about it.

    Hot Tubs in Phoenix: It’s all about the Atmosphere

    Face it, the words relaxation and hot tub are often intertwined. A hot tub creates a non-threatening, peaceful, and above all else, relaxing atmosphere conducive to conducting business. As a hot tub makes whoever uses it slip into almost a meditative state, it makes them think a lot more clearly. Without any pressure, nor any stress, it is a lot easier to arrange a tentative agreement before finalizing it in writing.

    So as you see, a hot tub isn’t just about relaxing after a hard day, sometimes it is part of a workday. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

    High powered CEOs, despite their facades are human beings with higher levels of stress than the rest of us have. Who needs to relax more? Someone who can make a decision who may lose a few hundreds of dollars, or someone who can make a decision that can cause thousands to lose their jobs, and shutter a company forever? Well, we’ll let you argue that one out. Whoever you are, however, from a consumer to a CEO, why not relax? And one of the best ways? A hot tub in Phoenix, of course.

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