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Linda Conover

Palm Desert, CA, United States

Member since June 17, 2013

  • Language Learning Classes Through CESA Languages Abroad

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    There is no doubt that the world today is smaller than the one of even a generation ago. Being able to communicate with people who live in another country is growing in importance. Learning the basics of speaking a second language is more than memorizing a list of words and verb conjugations. Living in the target country and understanding the culture as well as the language is the best approach for learning. When you want more information about learning another language, the information described at will help you decide if the in-country approach is the right one for you.

    The language education program, CESA Languages Abroad is a UK-based immersion school with campuses in various countries. The languages available currently are Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese and Arabic. The well-recognized program also provides classes in Russian and Portuguese. Many of these language courses have multiple schools within a language group, or even multiple countries.

    Only native speakers are used in the classes. Only the target tongue is spoken within the classroom walls. These are teachers with successful techniques and methods who have the larger ability to engage students in fun activities. Each of the communication avenues is addressed, including reading, speaking, writing and listening. The entire approach is designed to enhance communication in the desired language.

    While studying the language, students typically choose to stay with host families in the company. This improves the opportunity to assimilate the culture and the language. The stay in-country will vary from a couple weeks to more extended periods. Some students prefer a bit more privacy so they elect to stay in a student dormitory, studio apartment or even a hotel. These accommodations are made by CESA staff.

    There are several reasons for choosing to learn another language. Students may want to be able to study in another country. Travelers might want to interact with people in the country in which they are traveling. Sometimes businesses want to set up branch offices in another country and need better communications. The languages are taught in Germany and Austria for the German languages. French is taught in France and in Guadeloupe. Spanish can be studied in Spain or in South America. Students can study the languages in Portugal, Italy, and Morocco.

    There is a growing interest in learning Russia. Students can choose to visit Moscow or St. Petersburg for various levels of language study. When studying the Russian language, courses range in length from two weeks to several months.

    The Chinese studies are found in two different locations in Beijing. The language studied is the Mandarin dialect. Students could also choose to visit and study the Shanghai dialect in that city. As with other countries and tongues, the course length varies from short term to a gap year duration. Another Asian language available is found in Japan. Students may choose Okazaki or Fukuoka as the location for study. In the each location, students will be have the opportunity to experience the culture, art and history of the country.

    CESA Languages Abroad, through its website at, offers top quality education in languages from various countries and tongues. Prospective students can learn about available languages and locations, schedules and costs. The explanations are clearly written and there are descriptions of personal experiences of students to expand viewpoints about the learning experience. The techniques are known to be the most effective and the cultural learning opportunities varied and fun.

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