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Eco Exploration

Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Member since June 17, 2013

  • Chilean metals mining company Eco Exploration today announced the postponement of its logo competition judging date due to fewer than expected entries having been received over the festive period.

    Jan. 21, 2013 - CEO at Eco Exploration Mr. Andrew Davis has extended the company’s logo design competition deadline, despite many excellent designs having been received, citing that few were received over the festive period, and have only begun to flood in over these past seven days.

    Whilst the board of directors has already reviewed and scored many of the designs submitted, they have unanimously agreed an amended closing date for submission, and award ceremony date of February 20th and 29th respectively, in order that the minimum agreed quota of 500 designs maybe received prior to judgment.

    With the exception of the deadline extension Mr. Davis claims there are to be no additional amendments to the rules, prize or other competition factors.

    "We simply feel that as so many entries are now being received daily, it would be unfortunate for us to fall short of the agreed quota of 500 designs, which we fully expect to have received within 30 days."

    Andrew Davis, CEO

    Despite having reviewed many designs already, Mr. Davis declined to offer feedback on those submissions on the basis that this would be considered unfair to those who had met the original deadline. He did however wish to reiterate his earlier statements

    "Eco Exploration is undergoing growth and chan...

  • Image_177_ Eco Exploration a Chile based precious metals mining and exploration company is pleased to announce that during the construction of an access road, several new veins that were yet to be known have been revealed. Nov. 1, 2012 - Eco Exploration Ltd is pleased to announce that during the construction of an access road, several new veins that were yet to be known have been revealed. The geology report reports on 10 veins that have been sampled and now the infrastructure to access the veins with mining equipment is acquirable. The bulk of the production work to date has been carried out from ore extracted along one vein, which consists of development of a tunnel that enters the landscape at 90 degrees. The next step is to construct galleries above the existing tunnel. Then it is expected that the joint venture partner shall dig a shaft about 40 meters underground with more galleries built vertically along the vein. Mining engineers acquainted with the area evaluate that the grade of gold per ton at these levels could increase 25-50% than what is presently being extracted. Eco Exploration Ltd believes that if the gold grade per ton increases as a result of the exploration and development advances described above, income from the Company’s investment has the potential to very quickly amount to a much higher level than what was initially predicted. This Press Release may contain certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform ...
  • Eco Exploration is pleased to announce that final mineral analyses on samples taken from the company's Eastern Cordillera site in northern Peru, have confirmed high grade gold mineralisation in previously untested areas.

    Oct. 19, 2012 - SANTIAGO - Eco Exploration (the "Company) is pleased to announce that on Thursday 18th October final laboratory analyses on deposits collected from 8 separate drill sites, confirmed the presence of high grade gold mineralization in previously untested areas outside the principal zones. This final test comes days before the company is due to begin full scale drilling on the principal site next Monday.

    For Eco Exploration this is reassuring information, and gives confidence in the longevity of the new Peruvian project. Since this is the company's first established mine in Peru the company needs to make use of new local resources and must expect some teething problems. However, according to CEO Mr. Andrew Davis is “all part of the challenge of growing a business, Eco Exploration couldn't be more adequately accommodated than in Peru. We have more than sufficient local resources to succeed already in place.”

    Member of the board of directors and principal geologist Dr. Frank Hughes also commented “As Eco Exploration is to invest further in Peru from 2013, it is important not only that this venture is successful, but also that the company's shareholders realize capital growth. We are supremely confident that we will achieve this”. Dr. ...

  • Jul. 24, 2012 - CEO Mr. Andrew Davis at Eco Exploration, a precious metals exploration and mining company based in Santiago, Chile, is proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Frank Hughes to the company's Board of Directors effective as of 24th July 2012.

    Eco Exploration's agenda is to explore, develop and extract precious metal resources in an ethically considered manor to generate high levels of return for its shareholders.

    Dr. Hughes read for his undergraduate degree at Harvard University, and graduated with a degree in Geology in 1978. He then proceeded to graduate with a doctorate in Mining Geology, from the Universidad de Chile, and has spent his extensive career of over 25 years in open pit and underground mining of precious/base metals worldwide.

    Hughes was a Registered Professional Engineer of British Columbia, and a Member of the Society of Mining Engineers of the US. During his career, he has worked with most of the larger organizations in the mining industry, and has developed an expert knowledge not only on the subject of mining geology, but also marketing, management and asset valuations / risk, thanks to his previous roles, and experience as an independent mining consultant. Dr. Hughes furthermore, is the author of several published articles in mining journals as well as newspapers in the US, and has previously served on the board of directors of 2 other mining companies.

    Dr. Hughes' capacity to identify early stage projects with high potential value, an...