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Henry Dren

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Member since June 16, 2013

  • Michael Thomas and Marcus Davis of Hendren Group to Attend Conference on Banking in Emerging Markets

    Community, Communication Design

    Hendren Group’s Michael Thomas, Head of Investment Analysis, and Marcus Davis, Head of Principal Investments, will join a conference on “Understanding Banks in Emerging Markets: Observing, Asking, or Experimenting?” on September 5-6, 2013 at EBRD, One Exchange Square, London, UK.

    The conference seeks to present leading researchers who will expound on recent developments in empirical banking research. Organizers invite participants to submit high-quality research papers on Banking in Emerging Markets.

    Papers will focus on the following aspects of the research: • the econometric analysis of increasingly rich micro-level data that are available ‘off-the-shelf’, such as from central banks, credit registries, and commercial data providers; • the econometric analysis of tailor-made data from large-scale surveys of banks and their clients; and • the use of randomized controlled trials and framed field experiments with banks and their staff.

    Some of the important topics suggested by organizers to be addressed by participants include the “role of geographical and hierarchical distance in banking”, “corporate governance and its effect on bank efficiency and stability” and “behavioral finance and the banking firm”.

    Hendren Group anticipates a meaningful and fruitful encounter with other investment managers as it strives to enhance its research-driven strategies aimed at identifying potential growth in investments even before it is recognized. Such unique capability has established the company’s reputation for achieving success through quick and sustained development methods.

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