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David Roberts

73 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Hong Kong , Hong Kong

Member since June 16, 2013

  • The Haney Group Smells A Good Deal

    Communication, Communication Design

    The Haney Group Comments advising investors on the upcoming fragrance and cosmetics manufacturer Coty IPO. June 14, 2013 - The Haney Group a boutique equity research and management firm based in Hong Kong founded by a diverse private wealth consortium of financial professionals, with a combined knowledge of the stock markets, tax legislation, legal compliance and market analysis priding themselves in giving the very best service to their institutional investors, high net worth individuals and private investors today announced in a statement to clients a buy recommendation of Coty Inc. a perfume and cosmetics manufacture. Corsican-born Francois Coty founded Coty Inc. in 1904 in Paris, France. The company currently privately held by the estate of Joh. A. Benckiser and private-equity firm Berkshire Partners LLC, making headlines last year bidding to take control of Avon a global door-to-door sales network, however undeterred by this lack of undertaking the company bounced back by generating more than double its annual sales taking on new lead brands and moving into emerging markets. “The Coty IPO looks to be an interesting proposition, after working on similar projects there is movement for good return, here we have fragrance and cosmetic giant with powerful endorsed names that will be in the same leagues as Estee Lauder a $26.3 billion dollar corporation and Avon estimated at $10.1 billion dollars. Coty’s $4.61 billion dollars in sales in the last fiscal year was generat...
  • The Haney Group Malaysia Attracts Singapore With Land

    Communication, Communication Design

    The Haney Group advising investors Iskandar Malaysian Land Area growth is affirming Asian Recovery. “The Market Research Team has for some time been observing this little known joint effort between Malaysia and Singapore. They are overcoming obstacles to create an area beneficial to both over a wide spectrum of their economies. We see this as further proof of the Asian recovery that is ongoing and we are advising investors towards opportunities there and across the region that have proven results,” Commented The Haney Group’s Head of Principle Investment, Marcus Ferris. UEM a Malaysian land holding company will market $1.3 billion of mixed living, business and industrial projects this year, seeking Singaporean buyers. Most of this activity will be centered in Nusajaya the city in this special area that is a part of the southern Malaysian state of Johor. Here condominium values have increased 200% since 2009. The special area is the 222,600-hectare Iskandar Malaysia economic zone, setup by the Malaysian government to favor Singaporean interest with everything from seafront mansions to oil storage. Land starved people and companies from Singapore see this as very good thing with convenient travel connections in the works it will become more attractive in the future. “The extraordinary development happing in the Iskandar zone is another indicator of the growth within the Asian markets, we are offering solid advice that now is the time to invest, being properly positioned w...
  • The Haney Group last year advised clients of reports that the EU loses out on as much as a trillion Euros in taxes every year. Couple this with US Senators grilling Apple over its tax practices; it becomes apparent that this issue is a priority for governments as they struggle with low growth and decreasing income streams. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that leaders of the G-8 countries should be increasing efforts to tackle fraud and stop tax evasion.

    “They will be exploring the topic at their summit this week. Don’t expect any changes too quickly, but they are coming,” said the CFO at The Haney Group.

    “These changes will require complicated processes to effect the replacement of tax treaties on an international scale, not just by an agreement by their leaders since many rivalries and issues will be considerable factors when reaching a conclusion. The governments are starting to fully realize the large amounts of lost revenue at stake. It is an issue that must be addressed by investors at The Haney Group.

    We are counselling clients to help them structure firm pathways that will help them to steer clear of any controversies,” commented the Senior Analyst and Chief Financial Officer at The Haney Group.

    The Haney Group noted the comments made recently by EU Commission President Manuel Barroso who in his statement stated that the EU states are missing out on tax revenue equal to nearly double their collective annual budget deficits!

    “That is a huge amount of m...

  • The Haney Group is tracking West Texas crude as prices dropped to the lowest mark in almost two weeks, with the market overall showing signs of supplies rising. EU officials are investigating oil companies with regard to antitrust violations concerning manipulation of prices. Both of these developments are spelling out to attentive investor’s solid returns.

    “Futures showed little change in New York after dropping for four days continuing an overall downturn creating the longest run of losses this year. Crude inventories gained 1.1 million barrels last week, according to the API. A report released today shows stockpiles climbed 450,000 barrels. Coupled with more information breaking about Royal Dutch Shell, BP, Statoil ASA and Platts being investigated after news the EU Commission conducted raids in three countries. Proving once again that with diversity solid gains arise whether a market is moving up or down with correct analysis,” David Holmes Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at The Haney Group said today.

    “Inventories are high, there are no geopolitical issues at the moment, and with the industry needing to keep a low profile due to the investigations oil should drop,” David Holmes stated adding, “We are hearing reports predicting that West Texas will drop to $92.50 or lower a barrel.”

    WTI delivering in June was at $94.01 a barrel, down 20 cents today. The volume of all contracts was 59 percent under the 100-day average. Prices decreased 96...

  • *May 17, 2013 - Hong Kong -- *

    Citibank hosted this year’s Taiwan Investor Conference held at the Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong, on May 15-16, 2013 with honoured guests David Roberts, Senior Vice-President of The Haney Group together with Director of Private Equity Richard Chambers.

    The Haney Group was established as an equity research house in Hong Kong in 1999 and has grown about twenty fold. The company provides institutional level research support to corporate traders. Their clients include mainly large investors such as fund managers and stock brokerages who require accurate real time data. They do also work with the HNWI. They are commissioned by clients to collate and compile information on under-known and potentially undervalued small and mid-cap equities.

    This collaboration of The Haney Group and Citibank brings to focus the need for a concerted effort to strengthen the investment industry in Asia as well as globally. Citibank, in fact, achieves the extraordinary for their clients around the world by advancing the goals of its clients. Their diverse and talented staff in more than 100 countries advises companies, governments and institutions on the best ways to realize their strategic objectives.

    Citi creates solutions for and provide the broadest possible capital and market access to thousands of issuer and investor clients. And no institution better executes the increasingly complex payment and cash management solutions required in today's global economy.

    Global C...

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