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John Wik

Adams, MN, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since November 05, 2007

I've always viewed art/design as a form of communication and it seems there are many things within us that speak most eloquently through artistic expression. The act of creation strikes me as the most honest way in which we humans can offer a glimpse of ourselves to the world at large. The process also serves as a way for one to understand ones own psyche, and to give voice to things within oneself that are not easily understood.

I'm extremely fascinated by the work of "primitive" cultures throughout history because it offers such a clear glimpse into the nature of humanity. In many ways I feel that I'm simply a contemporary cave artist and talisman maker so their work has a feeling of familiarity and has offered comfort and wisdom throughout my life.

My design work is primarily an attempt to establish an immediate understanding or acceptance through imagery - for this reason I especially enjoy designing logos.

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Internet as a Public Good

Community, Communication Design

Posted May 20, 2007
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Much of my participation in solving social issues consists of donating funds - usually when I come across an organization on the web that actively pursues goals I believe in.

In a very real sense I don't know how to become more active other than participating through the web because I live in a small town with little access to groups/organizations/activities. I'm hoping my participation here will help me expand my reach and increase my knowledge of what one individual can do.

My primary interests are education, the environment, sustainable/renewable/alternative energy. I'm very concerned about widespread hunger/poverty, lack of inexpensive housing, and the patternistic drive towards war, war, and more war. Seems we've been stuck in an "us against them" mode as long as we've been on the planet and I believe it's time for a philosophical redirection. War solves nothing - only creates more strife and inhibits our evolution as a species.

"Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide" (C. G. Jung)

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